Travis Kelce’s Viral ‘Powerbomb’ Tackle Sparks Hilarious Memory

Travis Kelce

Getty Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce revealed a hilarious childhood memory during his latest podcast episode.

Kansas City Chiefs fans weren’t all too happy when Los Angeles Chargers safety Derwin James powerbombed their star tight end in Week 2, but for Travis Kelce, the monster tackle brought back childhood memories.

The hilarious Kelce reaction was coaxed out of him by his older brother Jason on the latest episode of their new podcast, “New Heights” — and honestly, it’s the type of response we’ve come to expect from the fan favorite throughout his illustrious NFL career.

Derwin James Slam Reminiscent of Growing up With Jason Kelce

Body Slams, Blown Leads, and Days Off | New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce | EP 3On episode three of ‘New Heights’, Travis talks about the Chiefs win over the Chargers, being body slammed by Derwin James and how it compares to the time he shattered a hardwood floor, and why players should care about their PFF rankings. Jason breaks down the Eagles dominant win over the Vikings, Jalen Hurts emergence…2022-09-21T13:11:45Z

“Well, it’s not my first time getting powerbombed,” Travis Kelce began after the inevitable question was asked around the seven-minute mark.

Jason Kelce cut in — “that’s right, I used to powerbomb you all the time growing up” — as if waiting to reminisce on old memories.

A good sport, Travis was a very willing participant. “You actually put me through the wooden floor in our living room,” he noted as his older brother exploded with laughter. “I forgot about that,” Jason claimed between chuckles as Travis quickly replied that he remembered it well.

“The feeling of knowing that Dad and Mom are going to come home to a hole in the floor was not the best feeling in the world,” Travis continued, “never filled [the hole], just put the couch over it.”

At this point, the two brothers were nearly in tears. Sorry mama and papa Kelce, we’ll just have to chalk that one up to boys will be boys.

Travis Kelce Details Derwin James Tackle

Travis Kelce’s recounting of the actual Thursday night tackle was just as humorous as the memory it uncovered.

“We were talking about it last week,” the Chiefs TE began, “Derwin is an OG in the game, man. He’s one of the best safeties — I think he’s the best safety all around.”

Travis continued: “I catch the ball thinking that he threw me short when in reality I could have just turned up [field] and ran to the pylon and got in the end zone. It’s the worst thing when you watch it on film and you’re just kicking yourself in the head — I kind of deserved to get my a** powerbombed in that situation for not getting in the end zone.”

This is where the true comedy began from Travis.

“I turned, I made a cutback, and then all of a sudden, he is on me like lightning,” Travis voiced. “I mean, he surprised the s*** out of me, lower man always wins in football. When I felt him wrap his arms around my legs, honestly, I’m chuckling in my mind. I’m like — ‘This is not about to end well for me right now.’ I’m going up. What goes up must come down!”

For those wondering, there were no hard feelings between Kelce and James after the hit.

He explained: “The body slam was funny but what was even more comical is the fact that he asked me after the play or after that drive — he’s like, ‘Bro, you good?’ What a great guy, man. What a great guy.”

“Yeah, solid dude,” Jason Kelce concluded after hearing the story.

Travis Kelce’s humility is refreshing as always, but he did admit that he felt like a “WWE dummy” and a “jabroni” for not getting the touchdown on that play and another that followed it. “You gotta find a way to get the ball into the end zone, man,” the KC star concluded, “that’s the bottom line” — holding himself accountable as all the legendary athletes do.

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