Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Gets Viral Shout-Out From Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Travis Kelce

Getty Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce after the AFC Championship victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

As you probably already know by now, Kansas City Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce called out the mayor of Cincinnati after the AFC championship game versus the Bengals because of his pregame comments that were directed at Patrick Mahomes II and KC.

“Hey, I got some wise words for that Cincinnati mayor,” Kelce yelled while holding the AFC trophy. “Know your role and shut yo’ mouth, you jabroni! You gotta fight, for your right, to parrrrrtayyyy!”

The line — in part — was a tribute to wrestling legend turned Hollywood actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Johnson had a viral response of his own after watching Kelce’s speech.

“My boy said what he said,” The Rock voiced while quote tweeting Kelce’s video clip. “I appreciate the venomous ‘shut yo’ over formal ‘shut your’ 🤣👊🏾🏆 @tkelce.” Johnson’s reply currently has nearly 28K likes and over 3.7 million views.

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Reacts to Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval’s Response

After Kelce’s words spread across social media like a wildfire, Mayor Aftab Pureval was at least a good sport about it, tweeting: “Yeah. Deserved that. Congrats to KC on a well-fought win, and good luck in Arizona. Proud of our fans and our @bengals for the energy all year. Who Dey!”

Pureval’s retort appears to have gotten lost in the shuffle of Kelce’s crazy week, but he did finally rehash it during this week’s February 1 episode of the popular “New Heights” podcast with older brother Jason Kelce of the Super Bowl opponent Philadelphia Eagles.

“Mayor Jabroni,” Travis Kelce began the absolutely hilarious back-and-forth. Here was the rest of the exchange between the two Kelce brothers.

Jason Kelce: “Can we get over this, let’s not keep harping on the mayor.”

Travis: “We’re talking about it, let’s talk about it.”

Jason: “Why did that one get you so fired up?”

Travis: “‘Can we get a paternity test to see if [Joe] Burrow is really Mahomes’ father?’ Like shut the f*** up.”

Jason: “That was a little far.”

Travis: “Fricking weenie.”

Jason: “He’s a mayor, he’s just trying to get his city fired up.”

Travis: “You’re right, he’s a mayor. That’s why you should know your role and shut yo’ mouth.”

Jason: “Do you even know what a mayor’s role is?”

Travis: [befuddled look on his face] “No!”

Jason: “Can you name me three responsibilities of a mayor?” [laughing]

Travis: “To get votes…” [more laughter]

Jason: “[Pureval] wasn’t even mad. He was like — ‘Welp, yep, he got me.'”

Travis: “Did he really?”

Jason: “He was like — ‘That’s fair, best of luck to ya.'” [shows him tweet] “Pretty fair.”

Travis: [laughs again] “Well, now I respect him… He can have fun. Alright, you’re not a weenie anymore I take it all back.”

Well, that’s one controversy resolved! Now it’s on to the Kelce Bowl and the Eagles matchup for KC. Of course, only one person is sure to win this epic NFL finale — Donna Kelce.

Donna Kelce Breaks Silence on Chiefs-Eagles ‘Kelce Bowl’

During a long interview with the New York Post, Donna Kelce — mother of Travis and Jason — spoke about this year’s big game and what it means to her. Post reporter Steve Serby relayed her thoughts.

“It’s gonna be really tough but I’m just gonna cheer my head off when the offense is on the field,” Donna voiced. “So I’m gonna be screaming the entire game. I’m gonna root for both of ‘em to score. A lot.”

Sorry Chiefs and Eagles defenses, you will not have the support of the NFL’s first lady on February 12.

“It’s just surreal,” She continued later. “It’s just like you’re in a dream, and you don’t really know if it’s happening. We’ve thought about it for the past 10 years that Travis has been in the league [and] that he may someday play them, but they usually only play every four years, so the only time they would ever meet would be in the Super Bowl [typically]. I know they’ve been talking about it since they were 10.”

Donna admitted that the loser will be “heartbroken.” Explaining: “That’s what it’s gonna come down to, it’s gonna come down to bragging rights. It was always a competition [when they were young]. Who gets to the table first. Who’s got the last chicken wing. Who’s gonna get in the front seat of the car. Who’s gonna take the elevator and get down to the bottom floor first. It just always was competition. And they don’t like to lose. They want to win, and that’s just the way they are. You hate each other when you’re growing up, but later on in life, you’re best buds, because you’ve gone through everything together, so it’s kinda fun.”

She also described the small ways her sons are different from one another: “They’re very very similar, both high-energy, both funny, [but] Jason is more pensive and he’s very calculating. Travis is more in the moment. So that’s kind of the way they’re different, basically. Both love to be out and enjoy people … not a whole heckuva lot of difference.”

In the end, Donna did confirm that she’ll be wearing her unique half-and-half Chiefs-Eagles jersey that Travis had custom made for her at the game. She doesn’t want any fanfare, she just feels “blessed” to see her sons play football in this moment.

“People for some reason want to talk to the mom,” Donna told Serby. “I don’t know why… I’m just me… Not the most beautiful human being. I’m very average, but I’m a good mom, and I think everybody can relate to it.”

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