Ex-Chiefs Star Trolls Tom Brady Mercilessly After NSFW Pic [LOOK]

Tom Brady

Getty Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady posted an unexpected photo on social media.

As we sit and await Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl coverage — which begins tonight (Feb. 6) at 9 p.m. CST — strange things are happening around the NFL.

For example, after retiring on February 1, legendary quarterback Tom Brady decided to share a mirror photo of himself in nothing but his underwear.

The expression, “don’t quit your day job,” comes to mind — but we do have to cut Brady some slack. He was owning up on a retweet bet he made with “Brady Brand” apparel going back to June of 2022. Although, when you own the company that you’re betting with, I’m not quite sure how that works.

Either way, this NSFW pic with the caption — “Did I do it right? @[Julian Edelman] @[Rob Gronkowski] @bradybrand” — quickly went viral on Twitter with over 14 million views and 15K likes and counting. Many NFL stars saw it and cringed, but ex-Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill may have had the best response of all.

Ex-Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Compares Tom Brady to Antonio Brown

The comment from “The Cheetah” was simple, but hilarious. He quote tweeted: “Tom done retired and turned into AB 😂.”

In case you were unaware, “AB” is the known nickname of former NFL superstar Antonio Brown, a wide receiver known for his off-the-field antics, as well as his scandalous acts. Now, this isn’t quite on the level of things that Brown has done, to be fair, but it could still be a cry for help from the newly retired Brady.

If this is what we should expect from the quarterback known as “The GOAT” during his secondary career, we might have to start a petition to get him back on the football field.

Either way, it was an absolutely ruthless joke from Hill on “TB12” and as Chiefs fans — we’re here for it. Remember, Brady’s post only had 15K stamps of approval from passing observers, but Hill’s comment already has nearly 40K likes and counting. Sorry Tom, social media might not come as easy as football.

Top Responses on Tom Brady ‘Thirst Trap’ Pic

Hill wasn’t the only one to rip Brady for posting this photo days after retiring. NFL Network host Rachel Bonneta wrote: “Welp, we’ve reached the thirst trap era.”

Another ex-Chief, and also ex-New England Patriot, Matt Cassel joked: “Dude, you’re retired now. When does the depends line drop?”

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate Tristan Wirfs just replied with a meme of a person handing money with the caption: “DELETE THIS.”

NFL Network reporter Mike Giardi also responded, “oh for the love of god,” and ex-NFL linebacker Will Compton sent a version of his own.

Fans chimed in with some great one-liners too. One simply advised, “get a job,” while another stated that “this is exactly how a divorced father posts.”

Finally, one trolled: “Invest in crypto, they said. What could possibly go wrong, they said.”

On Hill’s thread, New York Jets CB D.J. Reed Jr. just laughed and free agent WR Mohamed Sanu Sr. voiced: “Chill bruh let the goat vibe 😭.” Of course, Brady did have his fair share of admirers, as well as some less PG comments that we won’t divulge in this article.

To this point, neither Edelman or Gronkowski has replied. Neither has been publicly active on Twitter over the past few days, but you have to imagine they’ve caught wind of this story by now.

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