Ex-Teammate Believes Former Super Bowl MVP Could ‘Entertain’ Joining Raiders

josh mcdaniels

Getty Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels.

With each passing day, it’s looking more likely that the Las Vegas Raiders are planning to pursue Tom Brady to replace Derek Carr. It’s the logical move. He spent almost two decades working with Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels and appears to be ready to move on from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While a Brady-McDaniels reunion makes sense on the surface, the quarterback might find a more appealing situation. There are plenty of teams that can use a new quarterback this offseason and there will be at least a few of them that show interest in Brady. If he decides that the Raiders aren’t the right team for him, McDaniels will have to go back to the drawing board. That could lead to them taking a long look at Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The back-to-back MVP has toyed with retirement in recent years but may have a couple of seasons left in the tank. However, he may want to spend those seasons with a new team. Former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings spent seven years with Rodgers in Green Bay and knows the quarterback well. He told Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd that there is one team he may have his eye on if he wants to leave the Packers.

“My reaction was kind of like ‘here we go again’,” Jennings said on “The Herd.” “The Packers are in another situation where they’re going to have another offseason where they’re waiting on the head nod from Aaron Rodgers over whether he is coming back. This is something they know they’re going to be up against each and every year if he does decide to come back because of where he is in his career. They ended the year well, as far as winning some games, but in my opinion, I don’t know if we do see Aaron Rodgers back.

“I don’t think he retires. I don’t think he’s just going to walk away from the game, and we’ll see if there are some takers on any trades to see if Aaron Rodgers goes elsewhere. I think he ends up back in Green Bay. If not, Las Vegas is a place I’ve mentioned that I think he would entertain.”

What Would Raiders Need to Trade?

Coming off of back-to-back MVP seasons prior to 2022, Rodgers likely would’ve been worth a ton in a trade. The 2022 season wasn’t nearly as fruitful. He threw 12 interceptions, which is the most he’s thrown since his first year as a starter in 2008. He wasn’t even named to the Pro Bowl for the first time since 2017. Couple all of that with the fact that he’s 39 and his massive contract, and he shouldn’t cost too much in a trade.

The Packers don’t have as much leverage in this situation. Rodgers’ age and career uncertainty will greatly drive down his price. For the Raiders, they shouldn’t even consider giving up more than one first-round pick for the quarterback. That might even be too much considering he’s getting paid $50 million a year on his current contract.

Tom Brady or Rodgers?

It’s looking like Brady and Rodgers could be available to the Raiders this offseason. It’s good for the team to have options but there’s no question about which one they are more likely to pursue. Brady is familiar with Josh McDaniels’ system and how he likes to run things. He’s also a free agent and costs a lot less money.

Rodgers is younger but Brady had a better season. It’s possible that reuniting Rodgers with Davante Adams would have him return to MVP form but he hasn’t been to the Super Bowl since 2010. Brady won a Super Bowl in 2020. While Rodgers is undoubtedly one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, Brady is easily the more logical fit.

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