Raiders’ Davante Adams Sends New Message to Derek Carr

derek carr davante adams

Getty Derek Carr & Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders.

This season for the Las Vegas Raiders was not what Davante Adams had in mind when he joined the team. He had big expectations of playing with Derek Carr and even referred to the quarterback as a future Hall of Famer. Instead, it appears he’ll only get one lone season to play with his former Fresno State teammate.

Adams has said that Carr was the main reason he decided to come to Las Vegas but he has more recently said that the quarterback wasn’t the only reason. He made it clear that he’s staying with the Raiders next season, which means he won’t be playing with Carr again anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have a ton of respect for the quarterback.

Adams has already spoken about how much Carr has meant to him since he was benched. Now that season is over, the wide receiver took to Instagram to send another message to Carr and said he has “zero regrets” about taking a chance on playing with the quarterback again.

While neither likely feel great about how the season went, they did have some special moments together. The two connected on a game-winning touchdown pass to beat the Denver Broncos in Week 11. Adams and Carr will remain friends long after they’re done playing football. Though things in Las Vegas didn’t go according to plan, they’ll have some memories to talk about for a long time.

Do Raiders Need to Worry About Losing Adams?

Benching Carr was a big deal for a number of reasons. He’s been the starting quarterback for nine years and is a beloved leader in the locker room. Also, benching him put the team at risk of alienating Adams. Luckily, it appears they played the situation well enough to keep the wide receiver from getting angry.

Unless the Raiders completely botch finding a replacement for Carr, Adams should be willing to stay put for another season without becoming a headache. Now, if the team plans to go into next season with an unproven rookie set to start, Adams may grow concerned. That said, he’s not one to start making negative headlines. At the very least, it appears that the wide receiver is locked in through the 2023 season.

Who Would Adams Want Throwing Him the Ball?

The Raiders should have some options at quarterback this offseason. From a veteran perspective, the favorites to be the next quarterback appear to be Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo with Aaron Rodgers being an outside shot. Adams could find playing with Rodgers again appealing. The two had a legendary connection with the Green Bay Packers. However, he willingly chose to leave the back-to-back MVP so it might not be that exciting for him.

Brady could be interesting. He’s the greatest quarterback of all time and that’s the type of player other players like to play with. He’s shown some decline this season and will be 46 when next season starts. Regardless, Adams could get excited about the idea of playing with the future Hall of Famer. Garoppolo is less inspiring and would likely come with the Raiders drafting a younger quarterback.

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