NFL Makes Decision on Davante Adams Punishment: Report

davante adams

Getty Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams.

After a video was revealed online of Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver shoving an ESPN worker following the team’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, there was much speculation that he’d face punishment from the NFL. Las Vegas is currently on a bye week so there’s been no rush for the league to make a decision. It appears the wait could last even longer.

Adams was hit with a city ordinance violation from the Kansas City Municipal Court, which has complicated matters. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the NFL is going to wait until the legal process plays out before deciding on a punishment:

The league generally acts quickly for on-field infractions to make clear a player’s status for the next game, ruling on suspensions by Wednesday morning of a game week. Las Vegas is on a bye this week.

Adams’ situation, however, won’t play out immediately, in part to a legal developmental that came on Wednesday when he was charged with a city ordinance violation of assault, according to a Kansas City (Missouri) Municipal Court public information officer.

Because Adams was criminally charged, his case is now considered a potential personal-conduct policy violation, which warrants a league investigation. However, if the case is resolved in any way — legal charges are dropped, Adams pleads guilty, or any other outcome that concludes this situation — a resolution would come quicker, sources informed of the situation say.

What This Means for Adams

According to the  Kansas City Municipal Court documents obtained by Heavy, Adams’ court date is set for November 10, 2022. That date could always change but that’s the set date for right now. That would mean that this situation could loom over Adams for the next month.

He should be motivated to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Having the wide receiver miss a game later in the season wouldn’t be good for the Raiders. The team is about to enter the soft part of their schedule so losing Adams now would be much more bearable. Regardless, it appears the NFL is firm in its decision to wait. This will be a situation the Raiders need to watch in the coming weeks.

Adams Gets Jersey Retired at Fresno State

The whole controversy comes at a bad time for Adams as he got his jersey retired by Fresno State during the Bulldogs’ game against the San Jose State Spartans. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his legal situation, Adams made the trip to Fresno, California, so that he could be part of the ceremony. He had a chance to speak to the media and didn’t seem preoccupied with his current legal situation.

“It means the world to me, honestly,” Adams said, via YourValleyCentral. “I put a lot of work in, obviously, dating back ten years plus. So to be able to come here and see my name in the company I’m in is just amazing. I don’t take this lightly, I don’t take the love I get from these fans and the Fresno State community … it means a lot to me. I’m trying not to get too emotional out here because, honestly, it’s a lot. But it’s an amazing feeling.”

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