New Image of Controversial Raiders TD Catch Stirs Debate

keelan cole

Getty Las Vegas Raiders WR Keelan Cole.

Most of the focus regarding the Las Vegas Raiders‘ matchup with the New England Patriots has surrounded Chandler Jones’ wild game-winning touchdown. That was perhaps the most eye-popping play of the entire NFL season. However, there was another bonkers play to happen just minutes before.

With the Raiders down seven with less than a minute left in the game, quarterback Derek Carr heaved a 30-yard pass into the end zone toward wide receiver Keelan Cole. The veteran somehow came down with the ball but it looked as if his left foot went out of bounds. The officials ruled on the field that he was in bounds and didn’t find enough evidence to overturn the call. The Raiders were given a touchdown and debate raged online. There were some angles where it looked as if Cole didn’t get his feet in and many suggested that the team owed the NFL for giving them the call.

Well, the debate will continue to rage as more information comes to light. After the game, an image started circulating that gave a better angle of Cole’s foot on the touchdown. At first glance, it looks clear and obvious that the wide receiver’s foot is in bounds. However, it’s not that simple. Cole’s cleats did him a huge service. There’s a black rim on the toe of his cleats that blends in with the grass in the end zone.

Based on that image, Cole’s toe appears to be almost out of bounds but it’s inconclusive. Jesse Merrick of KSNV News 3 Las Vegas went to the scene of the crime after the game to take a video. He believes that the clump of grass that was indented proves that Cole was in.

This still doesn’t offer definitive proof but it was a close call that could’ve gone either way.

Cole Discusses Play

Cole has been in the NFL for a while now but wasn’t making much of an impact for the Raiders this season. He’s had some issues with drops and the team hasn’t called his number very often. Sunday’s game-tying catch was one of the most impressive plays of his career. Even though there’s still debate, the officials gave him the catch and nobody can take that away from him.

He’s happy with the results but even Cole wasn’t sure if he got his feet in bounds.

“Honestly … if we’re being all the way honest, when I caught the ball, it felt good,” Cole said, via Vic Tafur of The Athletic. “But … I don’t know. I did know that it was close.”

Josh McDaniels Talks Ending

The Raiders have been on the receiving end of some wild endings in the past but for once, they made the crazy play to win the game. This hasn’t been a good season for the team and there’s a ton of work to do but the fact that they haven’t given up on the year is impressive. Head coach Josh McDaniels has been in the league for two decades. He’s never been part of a game that was quite as wild.

“Probably the most insane ending I’ve ever been a part of, but we’ll take it, we’ll take it for sure,” McDaniels said after the game.

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Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium
9 months ago

The NFL just repaid the Raiders for the Tuck Game. Case closed.