Metta World Peace: LeBron James Better Than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant

Lebron james michael jordan

Getty LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on the career points list.

Michael Jordan isn’t the GOAT anymore.

Apparently LeBron James is.

At least that’s what Lakers champion Metta World Peace said via Twitter.

“King James is the GOAT,” World Peace tweeted.

“Never thought I would say that over my brother 24 and my favorite mj. I was an Allstar in mj Jersey 23. I changed my number for one season to honor a legend. But the King is the greatest athlete to ever touch this galaxy. Better than the aliens too.”

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The Chicago Bulls’ 16th Pick in the 1999 NBA Draft out of St. John’s, alongside Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, World Peace was part of the 2010 Lakers Championship team.

World Peace also has had experience playing against Michael Jordan. In fact, he broke MJ’s ribs in a pickup game against His Airness.

“It was a mistake,” World Peace told the Scoop B Radio Podcast back in the summer.

“Actually I’m not going to tell you it was a mistake, it was really aggressive basketball. You got to think how strong Mike is and how competitive Mike is and when we were tangling over each other in the post in the summertime, I tried to move his arm out the way and accidently hit him with my elbow…I definitely didn’t mean to hit him in the ribs, but I was really aggressive; whatever I had to do to deny Mike. I remember the play clear as day – I actually got the offensive foul called against Mike. I also hit the ball and got an offensive foul on him. He had refs in the summertime; which is really good play for me because, it was a great defensive play, but I hurt is ribs and I was like, really sad for a couple of days. You know, I really didn’t like that.”

Meanwhile back at the ranch: Teammed with Anthony Davis, LeBron James and LA currently hold a 3-1 lead over the Miami Heat in the 2020 NBA Finals.

The Cleveland Cavaliers‘ first pick in the 2003 NBA Draft by way of Akron, Ohio’s St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School, LeBron James won his first two NBA Championships as a member of the Miami Heat; while teamed up with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Teamed with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, James also won the hometown Cavs a championship in 2016; the city’s first in a professional sport since the Cleveland Browns won an NFL Championship in 1964.