Vikings RB Calls Out NFL for Double Standards After Fining Him

Alexander Mattison

Getty Vikings running back Alexander Mattison was fined for his touchdown celebration against the Jets despite the NFL amplifying it on their social media.

Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison‘s touchdown celebration last week against the New York Jets drew widespread reactions around the league.

The fourth-year running back faked an injury, before getting on hands and knees and twerking. The NFL has cracked out on any hip gyrations, usually penalizing the player on the field followed by a fine the next week.

Mattison didn’t draw any laundry for his celebration. The NFL’s Twitter account even shared his celebration last Sunday, generating thousands of reactions on the post.

However, Mattison learned he was fined on December 9.

“The NFL fined #Vikings RB Alexander Mattison $6,503 for this viral celebration last week, per source. That’s $2,167 per twerk,” NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported.

Mattison took issue with the contradictory move by the NFL, calling out the league on his social media on Saturday.

Alexander Mattison Calls Out NFL for Sharing His Celebration Then Fining Him

On Saturday, Mattison pointed to the NFL elevating his image and celebration to generate interest on social media while also punishing him for the hip thrusts.

“NFL social media engagement from sharing my celebration📈.. My pockets 📉 .. 🤨,” Mattison tweeted.

Mattison’s tweet received rousing approval from fans, who sided with the running back.

“They make money from your video and then have the nerve to fine you afterwards. Makes no sense,” one fan replied.

“NO Fun League strikes again,” another fan replied.

While Mattison’s celebration may have been worthy of a fine, the league’s choice to market it and later fine him shows a double standard by the NFL, one fan argued.

“He can be fined and that’s 100%, but it’s hypocritical to take the same celebration they deem fine-worthy and use it on social media for their own benefit. How can something be worthy of a fine and also amplification on social media?”

Saints’ Cam Jordan Calls Out NFL After Being Hit With Largest Fine in League History

Last week, New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan was accused of faking an injury against the Tampa Bay Buccanneers that has led to the largest fine in league history totaling $500,000.

“The NFL on Saturday has fined the New Orleans Saints $350,000, head coach Dennis Allen $100,000, defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen $50,000 and defensive end Cameron Jordan $50,000 for violating the league’s longstanding rule on faking an injury during Week 13’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Pelissero reported, per a source.

Midway through the fourth quarter of Monday’s game, Jordan took a knee and pointed to his lower leg, forcing an injury stoppage as Tom Brady looked to line up the Bucs offense on a fourth-and-10. Tampa punted the ball once play resumed.

“The New Orleans Saints deny any allegations of purposefully delaying the game on Monday evening,” the team said in a statement, per “Defensive end Cameron Jordan felt foot pain following a third down play and sought medical attention. He entered the blue medical tent and was examined by the medical staff and following the examination he was taped and able to finish the game. He had an MRI performed the following day in New Orleans and was confirmed that he suffered an acute mid-foot sprain in his left foot. He has been at the facility each day receiving treatment for his injury he suffered on the play. The Saints will appeal the fines through the proper channels and believe the allegations will be proved incorrect.”

Jordan has also disputed the fine on social media, saying the league is just trying to siphon money from players and coaches.

“Are fines made by NFL open to public? I just feel like this should be public knowledge. ‘Cause some of the fines are silly but this 1… ridiculous. Anyways & for what a “deliberate action to delay game” before a [team] punts? NFL just wanted a new patek aquanaut or summ… not off me,” Jordan tweeted.

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