Fans Roast Vikings’ Kirk Cousins Cereal Brand [LOOK]

Kirk Cousins

Getty Fans roasted Kirk Cousins' new cereal line.

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is on a historic pace this season headed in the wrong direction. His 10 interceptions lead the league as he’s on pace to throw 27 picks in a single season, a series of blunders only three quarterbacks have committed since 2000.

Yet, his performance this season has still somehow landed him on a cereal box as Cousins has collaborated with a local grocery chain to create his own brand of cereal. All proceeds will go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities.

The collaboration is for a good cause, however, fans did not miss on the opportunity to take jabs at the quarterback who’s guided the Vikings to a 1-5 record, their worst start since 2013.

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Cousins CinnaMinn Snaps? ‘Should Call Them Fumbled Snaps’

The name of the cereal, “Cousins Cinnaminn Snaps,” was destroyed by fans on Twitter who decided to play off the name for something more fitting for Cousins’ 2020 season so far.

Definitely wouldn’t fit on the box but gotta love the creativity on this following tweet.

The commentary also reached a point of questioning the integrity of the cereal as akin to Cousins’ play.

Admittedly, some of the comments became harsh considering it’s for charity and Cousins premiered the cereal with a photo of his two sons with their own boxes.

Here are a few of the comments collected by sportswriter Chris Schad.

“Can one of them play QB.”

“Try winning a game before promoting anything.”

“They hold onto the box better than our current QB.”

Some fans have stayed loyal to Cousins despite his early-season struggles.

Dalvin Cook Airs His Support In Cousins

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook took the opportunity to share how the locker room has managed during this season’s struggles.

While Cousins is responsible for the ball every time it’s put into play, a couple of his picks have been Hail Mary’s and a few more deflections off the hands of his receivers.

“With a situation like that, you can do nothing but just let your quarterback know a thousand percent that you’re there for him,” Cook said. “That’s our brother, that’s our leader… An interception is part of football, but it’s how we bounce back from it, and I’ve got so much trust in Kirk.”

Cousins addressed the interceptions after his second three-interception game against the Falcons two weeks ago, saying he won’t “finish the season” if the problem persists.

He’ll have a chance to redefine his season starting on Sunday against the Packers.