Vikings’ Kris Boyd Claps Back at NFC Rival QB: ‘He Couldn’t Hold Kirk’s Jockstrap’

Kris Boyd

Getty Kris Boyd called out the Commanders for stealing the Vikings' postgame celebrations.

The Minnesota Vikings may have to get used to other teams stealing their style.

Justin Jefferson‘s “Gritty” celebration has been the biggest trend of the past three seasons, while Kirk Cousins‘ postgame chain celebration is the most recent fad breaking the internet.

The Washington Commanders did their own “Kirko Chainz” celebration with quarterback Taylor Heinecke after their upset over the previously undefeated Philadelphia Eagles.

All good fun, right?

Wrong. Vikings cornerback Kris Boyd took issue with the Commanders’ postgame antics and took to Twitter in what escalated into a viral rant.

Kris Boyd Roasts Commanders in Viral Rant

Following the Commanders’ 32-21 upset over the Eagles on November 14, a video began to surface of Heinecke donning thousands of dollars worth of chains in celebration of the road win over the only undefeated team left in the NFL.

Boyd didn’t find it all fun and games, tweeting, “Stop trynna f****** be us…Lames…He couldn’t hold Kirk jockstrap!! Find your own trend!…Y’all s*** don’t even look like y’all having fun enjoying it..”

One fan tried to reason with Boyd, saying the Commanders’ win actually helps the Vikings’ standing in the NFC playoff picture.

“Idgaf! We gone whoop both they a** they cross our path again,” Boyd replied.

Boyd later added that his impassioned rant is a reaction to his love for his team.

“I go hard behind my team man….There is no other way around it. These guys are like my brothers. A huge family from all corners,” Boyd tweeted. “And it’s nothing but major love!! Minnesota Vikings is my family and I don’t play when it come to us!! Point blank period!”

Kris Boyd’s Attitude Becoming the Heart of Vikings ST

Any fan familiar with Boyd is well aware of his fiery personality and unfiltered presence on social media.

The fourth-year cornerback out of Texas called out fans in Week 3 after there were some grievances with the Vikings’ nailbiting win over the New Orleans Saints in London.

“We got some ungrateful fans,” Boyd tweeted on October 2. “I Don’t be on the internet looking for s*** but we won and some were still complaining….We got a big Dub! We 3-1 stfu….Please find another team if you not satisfied or stfu!!??”

Boyd did walk for a moment, acknowledging not all fans had been negative, tweeting “S/O the real ones who rocking wit us!!!”

Boyd has come to his team’s defense time and time again, and amid the NFL’s longest winning streak of seven games this season, Boyd is putting forth a promising final year on his rookie contract.

The heart of the Vikings’ special teams unit that has helped Minnesota control field position throughout the season. The Vikings offense’s average starting field position (31.4) ranks second in the league along with the defensive starting field position (26.0), per Pro Football Reference.

Boyd’s role as a gunner has been vital to those metrics as he’s continued to beat the press at the line of scrimmage on punts and has been a menace as a blocker in the return game.

“He’s a bully in between the lines he has a certain way of mentally playing with the opponent,” special teams coordinator Matt Daniels said of Boyd in a November 3 press conference. “KB does an unbelievable job of affecting the play and having a true impact. When you look at a guy like that, you talk about elite, premier special teams players, he requires two people if you want to stop him and that’s just the facts. That’s just the attitude and his mindset, that he’s unstoppable. And if you ask him, he says ‘he’s un-beep-witable… you can fill in the blank to figure out that one there.”

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