Randy Moss Deletes Tweet Threatening to Fight NFL Troll Over Jon Gruden

Randy Moss

Getty Randy Moss recently threatened an internet personality over mocking his emotional response to Jon Gruden's email scandal.

Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden’s ousting has enveloped the NFL community over the past week.

Minnesota Vikings Legend Randy Moss is not alone in the impact of Gruden’s recent email scandal that led to his stepping down as the Raiders head coach on Monday. Gruden found himself neck-deep in a controversy surrounding emails he sent years ago that contained racist, sexist and homophobic language.

Moss spoke emotionally on NFL Sunday Countdown after the emails were leaked.

While Moss’ message was well-received by his co-hosts, an internet personality mocked the Vikings star for his emotional display that led to Moss calling out the troll.

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Moss: It’s ‘On Site!’

Moss made an emotional plea on Sunday for the NFL to do better in its initiatives.

“I fell in love with the game of football when I was six years old. I get emotional talking about it because of situations like this. My civil rights were messed with in high school because the color of my skin, and now I’ve been able to play 14 years in the NFL,” Moss said. “We talk bout leadership? We give guys these big contracts because they want to be able to lead 70 men, coaches, equipment staff and managers to the No. 1 goal — and that’s to win a championship. For us to be moving back, and not forward, in the 21st century — NFL, this hurts me. The clock is ticking, man.”

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Jason Whitlock, a former sports reporter-turned digital TV host of his show, Fearless with Jason Whitlock, mocked Moss by embellishing his on-air reaction.

Whitlock has also referred to Moss as “Randi” and “Miranda” on his social media.

He wrote an opinion piece that attacked Moss’ masculinity. He closed the first paragraph with the following: “at least ESPN didn’t demand the Hall of Fame receiver wear a dress while pretending to be emotionally devastated over a 10-year-old comment in a private email that had zero to do with Moss.”

Moss responded, tweeting at Whitlock that there would be no conversation had. It’s “ON SITE!” Moss tweeted.

Moss later deleted the tweet, but Whitlock has kept it as more ammunition with the growing animosity between the two.

 Moss Shocks NFL With Tie at Hall of Fame Induction

Moss’ stance on Gruden is nothing new for the former Vikings wide receiver.

At his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction in 2018, Moss wore a black tie with 12 names of Black Americans who were killed by police or died in police custody.

His tie became a heated controversial talking point on social media, which was the opposite of his intentions.

“My intention was not to divide. We’re divided enough. My intention was to love. I just wanted to show those families that they’re not alone and bring some eyes and some light to the fact that, man, there’s still some families really hurting out here. We’re in a crisis right now. You understand what I’m saying? Some people don’t want to see it, but all you have to do is open your eyes,” Moss told The Undefeated in 2018. “There’s so much going on, you know what I’m talking about, and people need to understand that. Back in February (shortly after Moss learned he had been inducted in his first year of eligibility), I told my tailor what I wanted to do. I just wanted some names on my tie. I knew there was going to be some controversy about it, and I didn’t care.”

Moss has received praise from many professional athletes over the years for his forefront manner of speaking on these issues in the aftermath of his playing career.

“Athletes are scared right now. A lot of athletes, most guys, don’t want to talk about this. They’re terrified for their careers. They’re terrified about losing their occupation, which is how they feed their families. Black athletes know they’re being treated a certain type of way. Most guys can’t really voice their opinions. They’re worried about getting the same type of treatment that Colin Kaepernick got,” Moss said in 2018. “Over 20 athletes in the NBA and National Football League have direct-messaged me about what a great job I did. There are a lot of athletes in the National Football League right now saying to me, ‘Hey, big homie, way to go, man. Way to speak up for us.’ I’ve got black celebrities hitting me up. I didn’t do it for the publicity. I did it for what’s right for families that need this support. They need it right now. And I’m not going to stop. We can’t stop.”

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Chris Martin
Chris Martin
2 days ago

Wow; are we in Apartheid conflict or what are you thinkin’? wowwowwow.
I do not get the objective here w/the anti-racism” movement? Cops killing blacks too much?” OK. Aren’t they killing whites just as often?

Dan Callahan
Dan Callahan
7 days ago

Whitlock is on point. I said exactly the same thing about Rex. All of these guys need to delete their e-mail and texts! No doubt all of them and most of the country have gone into Asian restaurants and mocked workers thinking you’re funny. We all say and do stupid shit. We do need to stop it as it contributes to the true racists.

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