Travis Pastrana Pays Off ‘Airplane Deal’ With Chase Elliott

Travis Pastrana

Getty Travis Pastrana paid off a deal that he made with Chase Elliott.

Let it be known that Travis Pastrana is a man of his word. The four-time Rally America champion paid off a deal that he made with NASCAR Cup Series driver Chase Elliott and jumped out of an airplane while in Florida.

The payoff took place on Sunday, December 5, prior to the final day of the inaugural Nitro Rallycross season. Pastrana posted an update on social media that showed him waiting on a runway and wearing a parachute pack. He then showed that Elliott was behind the controls of an airplane.

“Ok, Chase Elliott has landed,” Pastrana said in an Instagram video. “We are race morning for the championship. We’re going to do a skydive, and it’s cool because we can actually land at the track here in Florida.”

The Nitro Rallycross Twitter account also posted a video that provided more footage from the morning skydive session. Pastrana explained that he is a man of his word and that had to jump out of a plane that Elliott was flying. The Nitro Rallycross video didn’t show the two drivers in the air, but it focused on Pastrana as the series creator landed back on the grass next to the race track.

The Deal Dates Back to the Martinsville Elimination Race

While there could be questions about why Pastrana had to jump out of an Elliott-controlled airplane, there is a simple answer. The two champions made this deal prior to the Round of Eight cutoff race at Martinsville Speedway on October 31.

Pastrana headed out to the short track to accomplish multiple tasks. He took time to chat with Kyle Busch about the two-time champion’s Nitro Rallycross debut at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park on November 12-14. He also recruited multiple Cup Series drivers, including Joey Logano, Elliott, and Kyle Larson.

Pastrana did not have to put in much work to convince Elliott to join the series and drive the “GoNitro” ZipRecruiter Subaru. The 2020 Cup Series champion said that he wanted to take part but also made a request of Pastrana.

“100%. I want in,” Elliott said. “It looks like a blast. Yeah, man, I think it would be a lot of fun. I’m down to do that if I can talk you into jumping out of an airplane. I would love to do that. It’d be a lot of fun.”

Questions Remain About Other Cup Series Drivers

The Nitro Rallycross season comes to an end with Elliott and Busch both reaching the final races of their respective rounds. However, they were the only Cup Series drivers to compete in the unique series after multiple expressed interest.

Logano, the 2018 Cup Series champion, didn’t let Pastrana finish his pitch before telling him to “put me in.” Logano continued and asked if Pastrana was actually making the formal invitation and when he could get in. They did not land on a specific date, but Pastrana told Logano that he has a car available for him and that there are three rounds remaining in the season after the NASCAR Cup Series championship race.

Logano did not make an appearance in Nitro Rallycross during the final three rounds, nor did Larson. The reigning Cup Series champion expressed interest in taking part in the series, but he also clarified that his wife said, “absolutely not.”

Nitro Rallycross will most likely return for the 2022 season, but will any more Cup Series drivers take part? Both Busch and Elliott made positive remarks about their respective experiences, which should only help draw more talent to the supercars.

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