NASCAR Examining New Platform for Xfinity Series: Report

Getty Xfinity Series drivers race at Dover Motor Speedway.

The new media rights deal between NASCAR and its partners is not yet complete, so there are numerous questions about the future of the broadcasts. One report by the Sports Business Journal indicates that one national series will move to a new platform.

According to insider John Ourand, several sources have indicated that NASCAR “appears likely” to move the Xfinity Series to a streaming company as part of an exclusive deal. The second-tier NASCAR series currently airs on FOX and NBC-owned channels as part of the current deal that expires after the 2024 season.

Ourand did not detail which streaming service was the leader in the pursuit of the Xfinity Series deal. He noted that there are “at least two companies” that have shown an interest during these ongoing talks.

Amazon is one potential option considering that Ourand noted the company is a “strong candidate” to land a midseason streaming package of NASCAR Cup Series races. This is something that could help the company build up the number of subscribers to its Prime service, especially if Amazon already had the rights to the Xfinity Series.

NBC Sports Dabbled in Streaming NASCAR Races

GettyXfinity Series drivers race at Talladega Superspeedway.

Moving the Xfinity Series to an exclusive deal with a streaming partner would be a major change. It would also continue NASCAR’s move toward a future involving these digital services.

Peacock, the NBC-owned streaming platform, was the home of a limited number of Cup Series races during the 2022 season. Though these were put on the app as part of a simulcast. Traditional fans could watch races on NBC or USA while using their TV package, or they could stream the race on the Peacock app. This latter option required a subscription to Peacock Premium.

Some events that made the partial move to Peacock in 2022 were the October 17 playoff race at Texas Motor Speedway, the October 31 race at Martinsville Speedway, and the championship race at Phoenix Raceway on November 7.

Along with streaming a limited number of races, Peacock also served as the home for post-race coverage. Even if the races went over the allotted time block on NBC or USA, the fans were still able to watch the interviews and recaps on the streaming platform.

The Xfinity Series Makes Sense

Potentially moving the Xfinity Series to an exclusive streaming platform is something that created numerous conversations among NASCAR fans. Many criticized the idea while others posed questions about the series in question.

Whether this move would benefit NASCAR remains unknown. Only time will tell. What is known is that the Xfinity Series would make the most sense out of the three national series.

Why would the Xfinity Series be the preferred option? There are multiple reasons that make sense. First, putting the second-tier series in an exclusive deal would be far less expensive than anything involving the Cup Series.

Another reason is the number of events. The Craftsman Truck Series would be the cheapest, but the drivers only compete in 23 events each season. This means that there are large breaks between some of the races. This would be a negative for a streaming company that wants users regularly on its platform.

The Xfinity Series drivers, for comparison, compete in 33 events. This is only three fewer than the Cup Series, and it provides considerable value for the amount of money that would be invested by a streaming company.

Finally, there is the reputation of the series. The Cup Series features the best drivers in NASCAR, but the Xfinity Series regularly draws praise for the level of competition throughout the field and the show put on by its regulars and guest drivers alike. On paper, the Xfinity Series is strong enough that it could potentially draw in subscribers as part of a new deal.

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