Snoop Dogg Wants $189 Million LA Native to Join Lakers

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Getty Snoop Dogg on Los Angeles Lakers game.

The Los Angeles Lakers appear set to take some big swings this offseason. While the team has been linked to big-name trade targets like Trae Young or Donovan Mitchell, they could look to an unrestricted free agent.

Klay Thompson has been linked to the Lakers for years due to the fact that his father Mychal Thompson played for the team and he was born in Los Angeles. However, the Golden State Warriors have been so good to Thompson that there was no reason for him to ever leave.

The Warriors missed the playoffs this season and might not be keen on signing Thompson to another big contract. That could open the door for him to finally join the Lakers. That’s something that rapper and Los Angeles icon Snoop Dogg wants to see.

“I’m hopeful that we can get us a Klay Thompson. His dad is Mychal, he works for the Lakers, it’s an easy transit down the road,” Dogg on the May 10 episode of the “Stephen A. Smith Show.”

Thompson’s 34 and already has four championship rings so the idea of returning home and playing for his dad’s old team could be exciting. That said, he’d likely have to take a discount.

Is Klay Thompson a Fit for the Los Angeles Lakers?

Another reason why Thompson has commonly been linked to the Lakers is that he’s a really great fit with LeBron James. He doesn’t need the ball in his hands to score a lot of points and has consistently been one of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA – only having two seasons where he shot less than 40% from beyond the arc.

Thompson has dealt with some rough injury issues in recent years and it has affected his play. He only averaged 17.9 points a game last season, which was his lowest average since the 2012-12 season. He’s also not nearly the defender he once was.

Regardless, he’d likely still be a fit with the Lakers. The team hasn’t been great at shooting 3-pointers the last several seasons and he’d help provide them with more spacing. He’d also likely be an upgrade on defense over Austin Reaves. If the price is right, Thompson would be a strong addition to Los Angeles.

How Much Money Is Klay Thompson Looking For?

Even though he’s 34 and on the decline, Thompson appears to still be looking for a relatively major payday. Shams Charania and Zach Harper of The Athletic reported in last December that the Warriors offered him a contract in the two-year, $48 million range last offseason. He turned it down. Thompson’s last contract paid him $189.9 million over five seasons so that would’ve been a big pay cut.

Thompson could have lower expectations for a contract after a lackluster season but it’s unlikely he’ll be willing to take less than the $48 million over two years the Warriors reportedly offered. That seems like a fair price for him based on his current level of play.

It’s always possible a team with a lot of salary cap space will be willing to pay Thompson a much bigger contract than a more veteran team like the Lakers would. Also, if Thompson is going to take a discount, it’s likely that he’d prefer to stay with the Warriors. That said, he should be a player to watch for the Lakers this offseason.

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