Proposed Trade Sends Sixers $68 Million Bench Scorer

Nick Nurse

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The Philadelphia 76ers will have plenty of needs to attend to this summer. Among their needs is a bench scorer, which they can get via trade.

With their cap room, they can acquire one without having to swap anyone of value. Bleacher Report’s Dan Favale proposed the following trade that would send them Atlanta Hawks guard Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Sixers Receive: Bogdan Bogdanović

Hawks Receive: No. 16 pick, Milwaukee’s 2027 second-round pick

Hughes explained how trading Bogdanovic would benefit the Hawks and Sixers.

“Atlanta could look to spruce up its cap sheet as it prepares for Jalen Johnson’s next deal to kick in during the 2025-26 campaign. Picking up an additional first-rounder for someone who turns 32 in August is a reasonable return. Atlanta can push for a later pick in a year it doesn’t control its own if this framework doesn’t whet its whistle.

“This exact construction should be a no-brainer for the Sixers (cap space-pending). Bogdanović is a career 38.4 percent shooter from distance on over eight attempts per 36 minutes and brings more on-ball scoring pizzazz than Buddy Hield and more playmaking than Kelly Oubre Jr.”

Bogdanovic has morphed into one of the league’s best bench scorers, averaging between 14 and almost 17 points per game since joining the Hawks in 2020. He will enter the second year of a four-year, $68 million.

Sixers Willing to Trade for & Extend Jimmy Butler: Report

If Bogdanovic is available and the Sixers have run out of options, they could trade for him. However, he wouldn’t be their Plan A. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey reported that the Sixers would be willing to trade for Jimmy Butler if their Plan A falls through this offseason. If that were to happen, they’d ensure Butler would stick around.

“The Sixers view (Butler) as a fallback option if they are unable to sign Paul George in free agency,” Pompey wrote. “And, according to sources, the Sixers are prepared to give Butler a maximum-salary extension if things align and he forces a trade out of Miami.”

If the Sixers plan to make any trades, they would target a star like Butler before targeting Bogdanovic for obvious reasons. Butler not only has plenty of experience to his name, but he boasts familiarity with the Sixers. He played for them during the 2018-19 season, and just might be exactly what they need.

The Sixers are considering all options, with Butler likely at the top.

Sixers Have Four Specific Targets: Report

Pompey also reported that the Sixers have four specific targets in mind this offseason. Some of these are free agents, while others are via trade.

“The Sixers want a maximum-salary player via free agency or a trade from a pool that includes Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler, and New Orleans Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram,” Pompey wrote.

The Sixers will have to consider what they’ll do next if they don’t get any of these stars. Bogdanovic is not a star like them, but he would be a productive player off their bench. Dependable role players help teams vying for a title achieve their goals. He wouldn’t be the big piece, but he would be a piece.

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