Cam Newton Touches Down in L.A. and Causes a Stir at LAX

Getty Cam Newton

Anything Cam Newton does these days creates a stir.

It’s funny how a guy who most people dumped on throughout the 2020 season can still create such a buzz simply by landing in one of the country’s biggest and most high-profile cities.

The New England Patriots‘ 31-year-old QB recently landed in Los Angeles at LAX airport, and his presence brought out cameras and that resulted in a plethora of photos. Take a look:

It appears there are as many as 16 posted here. What was Newton doing in Los Angeles?

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Free Agency Doesn’t Begin Until March

Before you start to believe Newton’s visit to Los Angeles is somehow related to his upcoming free agency, understand this, those decisions can’t be made until March when the new league year begins.

Newton wouldn’t be meeting with a team or their representatives about free agency at this point in the season. That doesn’t mean he can’t have a conversation with someone who may mention an opportunity, but no official discussion can be had about free agency for another month and a half.

A New Production for His Production Company

Newton owns a production company called Iconic Saga.

They have followed Newton over the past two years and documented some of his experiences. The awesome shots you see on his Instagram and YouTube channel are often the product of IS. It’s possible Newton’s presence in L.A. could have been associated with his next production.

The Visit Could Be Related to Fashion

Newton is big on fashion, of course. Specifically, he is known for his signature hats. Newton’s hat guy, Alberto Hernandez has a boutique in California.

Based on some comments Newton made in 2020 while the Patriots were in L.A. to play the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams in back-to-back weeks, it appears he tries to get out to see Hernandez whenever he is in the city.

Newton might have been in L.A. to head down to pick up a new brim.

Newton Still Wants to Return to New England

One of the biggest questions in Patriot land is will Newton return to the team. Many fans and members of the media would like to see the team move on from Newton and pursue a young veteran or a franchise quarterback in the draft.

As NFL insider Josina Anderson reported, the decision on Newton’s future is a long way from being decided. Again, March is the time when all of the major decisions will be made on free agents, and Newton is one of 26 on the Patriots’ roster.

If Newton is brought back, he will likely be competing for the starting job again, but based on the disappointing results the team endured in 2020, that is to be expected for him and several others on the roster.

Keep an eye out for information on Newton’s next professional move over the next couple of weeks, it figures to be one of the biggest stories of the offseason.

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