Mac Jones Getting Insane Comparisons on Social Media

Getty Mac Jones

Listen, New England Patriots fans have every reason to be excited about Mac Jones. The rookie QB looked excellent in preseason and he proved to Bill Belichick that he was ready to lead the Patriots as a rookie, but the comparisons might be a little out of control at such an early stage of his career.

Believe it or not, before Jones has even thrown a single regular-season pass in the NFL, some are already likening him to future Hall-of-Famers and all-time greats.

Mac Jones is Getting Some Serious Comparisons

It doesn’t take much for fans to go overboard either in the negative or the positive.

CLNS’ Evan Lazar Tweeted these outlandishly premature comparisons from the comment section of a recent video:

One commenter wrote, “He reminds me of [Joe] Montana. Same height and same throwing style with accuracy.”

While another added, “Yeah I was saying Mac like a cross between Montana and [Tom] Brady.”

Another person went on to say, “I feel like I see Peyton Manning’s throwing motion.”

And the last commenter said, “That’s what I have said, Joe Montana and Drew Brees.”

Wow. You can’t make a better quarterback than this in Madden.

Could Mac Jones Still Be a Bust?

The short answer to that question is yes, but that’s pretty much the answer for just about everyone at a similar stage of their career. He hasn’t accomplished anything yet, so there is still a chance things could go off the rails for him.

Remember how good Jarrett Stidham looked during his rookie season in exhibitions? the Patriots still haven’t seen anything that would suggest he’s going to live up to the expectations that began in 2019.

That said, based on what we have seen from Jones in preseason and training camp, barring an injury, becoming a bust seems like a highly unlikely scenario for Jones.

Jones possesses some qualities that stand to improve and are not the sort of positives that are usually associated with fools gold. Jones has shown such a great early command of the offense, a high level of maturity, budding leadership and throwing accuracy that simply becoming a bad quarterback just doesn’t seem probable.

Even if he isn’t a major disappointment, there is quite the gap between being a bust and going down as a player mentioned in the same breath as Brady, Montana, Manning and Brees.

Players like Matthew Stafford, Ryan Tannehill, Carson Palmer and the like had or are in the midst of solid careers. None of them would be considered busts, but they are a tier or two below the Golden-Jacket level.

Will Jones fall into that category or will he push through into that special level that only a few ever reach? Only time will tell, but for now, Patriots fans would do well to pump the brakes on the Canton callouts.


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