Ex-Linebacker Bart Scott Sounds off on 2021 Jets [LISTEN]

Bart Scott

Getty New York Jets former linebacker Bart Scott in uniform on August 26, 2012.

Describing the 2021 New York Jets, former fan-favorite NFL linebacker turned radio personality, Bart Scott, had a lot to say.

“These guys are kind of crazy, these guys are kind of out there, these guys are kind of fearless. I think I like it, and I think that’s what this team’s going to be about,” said Scott in a viral rant released on the New York Jets official YouTube account.

The “Ra-Ra” hype video of all the linebacker’s hot takes clipped together is a must-listen for any Gang Green supporters out there, but as always with Scott, it was also well-informed and accurate.

Take a listen.

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Scott ‘Can’t Wait’ to Watch Robert Saleh’s Jets

The same man that brought us the infamous “can’t wait” quote has done it again. Except this time Scott gave us plenty of buzz-worthy content to work with.

All these years later I still laugh at that “they can’t stop a nosebleed” comment from the all-time great. This speech also still gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

It takes a unique type of person to have your words stand the test of time, but Scott has one of those infectious dispositions.

Do you know who shares that trait? Head coach Robert Saleh.

“Players are attracted to energy,” Scott voiced about the Jets HC, “attitude reflect leadership [and] being under the leadership of Robert Saleh is going to be about accountability and it’s going to be straight gas no brakes baby.”

Wait, did Scott just quote my favorite film, Remember the Titans?

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He’s dead-on with this take too. Saleh leads by example and embodies the All Gas No Brake mentality that he expects out of his players. We’ve heard it all spring, this is the type of man that warriors want to follow into battle, and make no mistake, when you step on that field it becomes a battle for survival.

“If you [are] going to be like that, then you have to live that, and players are going to have to adapt to that or not be part of the team,” Scott concluded.

He ended with: “It means giving it your all and being able to adapt to whatever circumstances that come and fighting together. Not running from fights, we running towards.”

Does this man know how to give a pump-up speech or what? Many radio callers used to tell Scott that he would make a tremendous coach and one can only hope that he gives it some thought someday when his children get older. Maybe he could even join Saleh in New York.

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‘Steel Sharpens Steel’

When discussing the running back room at the beginning of the video, Scott says that “steel sharpens steel.”

“I mean, I love the competition,” the linebacker exclaimed, “when you look at that depth chart right there, a good football player isn’t going to make the team.”

Scott went on to say: “That means if you want to be on this team you’re going to have to earn it. Not just because there’s a lack of depth or talent, it’s going to be because you beat out a very good football player and you didn’t take any days off, you didn’t take any days for granted, you paid that rent every single day.”

Although he’s specifically talking about the running backs at this moment, Scott’s words apply to many of the Jets’ positional groups this season.

The defensive line and edge rusher positions are both loaded with talent. Wide receiver is probably the Jets’ most improved area on the roster. The cornerback roles are wide open and linebacker could be a free-for-all as well.

The only position with no real competition is quarterback, that job belongs to Zach Wilson.

Scott’s right that steel will sharpen steel, or in other words, competition breeds excellence.

The Jets have more contested starting roles than I’ve seen in a long time. That could be looked at as a sign of inexperience, or it could just mean they’re finally on the right track.

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