Fans Strongly React to Jets ‘Championship’ QB Claim in New Report

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh walking off of the football field after an NFL game.

The New York Jets hosted quarterback Derek Carr on a free-agent visit over the weekend.

Coming off of that meeting of the minds, ESPN NFL Insider Jeff Darlington shared some fascinating nuggets from those conversations.

“I was told that it was a very positive meeting [between the Jets and Derek Carr]. The Jets really believe that Derek Carr is the type of quarterback that can lead them to a potential championship. They also believe that the meeting went really well.”

Derek Carr = Championship Caliber QB for Jets?

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The fact that the meeting went well is good to hear, but that the Jets believe Carr is the type of quarterback that could lead them to a “championship” certainly raised some eyebrows on social media.

A fan used a Homer Simpson meme to express his confidence in the Carr championship claims by the Jets.

Another fan claimed that Carr “will crumble” and that he isn’t capable of taking this team to a championship.

A fan doesn’t believe Carr will be able to fulfill that destiny with what he claims is a “mediocre OC and a below-average quarterback coach.”

Another person said on social media if he couldn’t do it with the Las Vegas Raiders why could he do it with the Jets?

A fan said if the Jets are going to a Super Bowl with Carr at quarterback they’d be putting a lot of hope that the team’s defense can “carry us to a championship.”

Not everyone is a Derek Carr fan. A Twitter user said he’s a nine-year veteran that has “never won a playoff game” and claims he is “trash.”

A Twitter user simply said “good luck” with the use of a Han Solo GIF to the Jets’ claim that Carr is championship-caliber material.

Where Did This Information Come From? What Does It Mean for Jets?

Jeff Darlington shared this Derek Carr update on ESPN’s Get Up episode on Monday, February 20. Where did this info come from?

Some people on social media believe it is simply “agent speak.” It would make a lot of sense for Carr’s representation to say the Jets view him as a “great player” and that he is capable of taking them to a “championship.”

There is a lot of potential hot air in that balloon.

Was this a potential ploy by the Jets to send a shot across the bow at the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers?

If the Jets put out feelers that they really like Carr and are leaning that way, that could put Green Bay in a tough spot. The Jets finding a solution at quarterback that isn’t named Rodgers is bad for business if you’re Green Bay.

The Jets being in the market would at least increase the trade return for the Packers if not be the team that ends up with him at the end of the day.

Rodgers is in the midst of his darkness retreat and a decision on his future should become clear in the coming week.

Maybe this is all true information coming from the Jets.

They believe Carr is a significant upgrade and they believe they can win a ring with him. If that part is true the Jets better get pen to paper sooner rather than later because Carr could sign with another team at any moment on the open market.

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