Proposed Jets Trade Includes ‘Offer He Couldn’t Refuse’ for Star QB

Elijah Moore, Jets

Getty New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore reacting in the middle of an NFL game.

The New York Jets may be willing to do whatever it takes to land a superstar quarterback in 2023.

Well, at least that is what Matt Schneidman explained in a massive mock draft for The Athletic that featured a blockbuster trade.

Green Bay Packers receive: wide receiver Elijah Moore, a 2023 first-round pick (No. 13 overall), a conditional 2024 second-round pick

New York Jets receive: quarterback Aaron Rodgers

“Why are the Packers drafting first at No. 13 and not two picks later, you ask? Jets general manager Joe Douglas (well, maybe it was team owner Woody Johnson getting desperate) presented Packers GM Brian Gutekunst with an offer he couldn’t refuse,” Athletic Packers beat writer Schneidman said. “Green Bay will send quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the Jets for the No. 13 pick, a 2024 second-round pick that becomes a first-round pick if Rodgers plays in 2024, and wide receiver Elijah Moore.”

Getting Into the Nitty-Gritty of This Jets-Packers Trade

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Right now it appears the Jets have several options to consider at the quarterback position in 2023. However, things can change very quickly in the NFL and when the music stops the Jets may not have a seat to place their butt in.

That would be a disaster scenario for Gang Green considering some of the waters they have been dabbling in during their quarterback search this offseason.

Desperate times lead to desperate measures and if the Jets are feeling froggy perhaps they could be forced into making a deal of this magnitude.

Not only would they be sacrificing major draft capital that includes at least one first-rounder and possibly two if Rodgers plays in 2024, they’d also lose a key piece to the puzzle.

Moore showed a lot of promise during his rookie season but it was all washed away during a disappointing sophomore campaign that even featured a trade request.

Was his beef solely with Mike LaFleur? Or perhaps is this a sign of things to come? If LaFleur was the true problem child, the Jets corrected the situation with his exit this offseason.

However, if this third-year wideout is already making demands this early in his career without much-proven production that could be bad for business.

In that case, sending him away to be someone else’s problem might not be the worst idea in the world. Although there is a very real scenario that exists with a new offensive coaching staff Moore can blossom into the player a lot of people expected him to be in 2022.

Regardless of what the Jets choose to do, they have to make sure they make the right decision for the present and future of this franchise.

Jets Might Not Have to Get That Desperate After All

There is a scenario that exists where the Jets could get that desperate. However new information suggests they won’t have to.

According to OddsChecker, the two betting favorites to land Aaron Rodgers this offseason are the Las Vegas Raiders and the Jets.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN has already confirmed that the Jets have made trade calls to the Packers regarding the availability of Rodgers.

Although the Raiders’ interest might not be there after all. According to respected Raiders columnist Hondo Carpenter Las Vegas is looking in a “different direction” at quarterback.

He added that the Raiders won’t be waiting for Rodgers any longer and put the chances of them landing the quarterback “at [no] percentage better than ancillary. Perhaps, five percent.”

If that is true then the Jets might be the last man standing in this quarterback duel.

Reports have emerged from Adam Schefter of ESPN that the Packers have no intention of trading Rodgers to the NFC. That eliminates half of the possible teams and then when you scour all of the teams in the AFC, everybody either has their guy already or can’t afford to pursue Rodgers.

That could mean that instead of paying a desperate price for a quarterback, maybe the Jets could get a discount.

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