Jets Coach Gets Ripped in Twitter Tirade After Shaming Star Talent

Quinnen Williams

Getty New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams might agree with this NYJ analyst's social media rant.

There are a few hot topics in New York Jets’ land right now but outside of Zach Wilson’s long-awaited return, very few are getting the attention of the coaching concerns on the defensive side of the football.

Whether you blame head coach Robert Saleh or defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich, most fans agree that they are sick and tired of the D-line rotation that limits playing time for stars like Quinnen Williams and Carl Lawson. One could argue that it’s throwing the Jets’ linemen out of rhythm and having the opposite effect that it’s intended to have — stalling the pass rush rather than sparking it.

Despite the poor results though, Saleh and Ulbrich appear to be sticking to their rotation plan and the Jets DC caught some heat for his explanation of it this afternoon.

Jets’ Jeff Ulbrich Roasted for Quinnen Williams Comments

DC Jeff Ulbrich Press Conference | The New York Jets | NFLDefensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich speaks to the media Thursday of Steelers week. Subscribe to the New York Jets YT Channel: For more Jets NFL Action: #NewYorkJets #Jets #NFL For more Jets action:

During his Week 4 press conference, Ulbrich fielded a question on the D-line rotation and giving someone like Williams more snaps as the current “hot hand” of the group — and his response really ruffled some feathers around the Jets community.

“That is the instinct, for sure,” Ulbrich began. “There’s like these critical moments in-game and [you think] — ‘why’s Quinnen not out there?’ — and you look to the side and he’s gasping for air. So just gotta be judicious with it. Gotta absolutely use them as much as we can and as much as we can in critical moments, for sure, but I still think there has to be a level of rotation. He plays at such a high clip and he goes so hard that sometimes more is less or more isn’t necessarily as good because now you’re not seeing the speed, the explosiveness, all the special stuff from an athletic standpoint that he brings.”

These comments did not sit well with certain members of the NYJ community on Twitter — Michael Nania chief among them. After hearing them, the Jets X-Factor film expert went on a tirade, ripping Ulbrich mercilessly for his response.

“So instead of admitting your strategy is weak, you take a direct shot at your player by claiming he isn’t capable of handling the same number of reps that almost every other team in the NFL asks their top DT to play. Super cool,” Nania began.

Continuing: “Ulbrich thinks Quinnen can’t handle playing a lot of reps. Okay, well let’s look at his production in the last 3 games where he played over 70% of the snaps (all in 2020): 17 pressures, 10 run stops, 6 QB hits, 2.5 sacks, 0 missed tackles, 1 [forced fumble], 2 [passes defended], 84.5 grade… These games are vs. [Denver], [Miami], and [Las Vegas]. Do you guys realize how insanely dominant those numbers are? Here are the 17-game paces and where they’d rank among [D-tackles] in 2021; 96 pressures (1st), 14 sacks (2nd), 34 QB hits (1st), 57 run stops (1st). HE CAN HANDLE BIG REPS.”

Nania concluded: “I’d want out if I were Q [Williams]. This is ridiculous.”

The former first-round pick, Williams, was caught on camera during a face-to-face screaming match with DL coach Aaron Whitecotton in Week 3. The Jets coaching staff has since brushed off the altercation as two emotional guys getting caught in the heat of the moment.

Jets Fans Rally in Blasting Ulbrich

Nania was not alone in his criticism. In fact, the majority of the replies on the SNY video link that first shared the quote were negative.

One popular response read: “To be fair it really knocks the wind out of you having to berate your coaching staff for not knowing what the heck they are doing.”

Similarly, a supporter joked that “I’m constantly gasping for air in astonishment of how trash your defense is, Jeff.”

Another Twitter user predicted Ulbrich would be “fired before the bye [week].”

“So either Q is not in shape like the rest of the D lineman in football…or Ulbrich lies as much as Saleh,” a fourth fan reacted. “And my instincts tell me Q is in great shape and can play 90+ % of snaps per game.”

“Why’s he throwing Q under the bus like that?” Another questioned. “You wanna see someone lose the respect of his guys, this right here might do it.”

The most popular follow-up tweet by far was very straightforward and not great for Ulbrich. “Get this guy the hell out of New York,” the fan wrote.

Like most of his third-down calls this season, Ulbrich may be wishing he had that answer back if things don’t go well this weekend.

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