NFL Makes Final Call on Fining Jets’ John Franklin-Myers for Week 8 Penalty

John Franklin-Myers

Getty New York Jets defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers during Week 8 of the 2022 season.

New York Jets defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers made a game-changing mistake in Week 8 when he hit New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones late on an interception that was returned for an 84-yard touchdown by nickel CB Michael Carter II.

The turnover would have given the Jets a 17-3 lead heading toward the half. Instead, Jones managed a field goal drive which narrowed the deficit to 10-6 at the break.

Now, you could certainly argue whether or not the penalty should have been called in the first place but in the modern-day NFL you have to be extremely careful about the way you hit QBs — and this is not the first time Franklin-Myers has been flagged for a crucial roughing the passer call.

With all the debate about the legitimacy of the penalty, NYJ reporters asked “JFM” if the league came to a decision on a potential fine today on November 4, and the pass rusher did provide everyone with an answer.

Jets’ John Franklin-Myers Reveals if NFL Fined in Week 8

New York Post beat member Brian Costello shared the news as Franklin-Myers revealed that “he was not fined by the NFL” for the Week 8 penalty.

In some ways, that ruling is vindication from the league that JFM’s roughing against the Pats was a relatively soft call from the referees — although the D-lineman should still try and learn from this miscue.

You can’t touch quarterbacks late, even if it’s a bump, you just can’t. The sooner Franklin-Myers realizes that, the better. If he doesn’t, fans will continue to turn the high-priced disruptor into public enemy number one.

John Franklin-Myers Sounds Off on Bills’ Josh Allen

Speaking of JFM, while chatting with the media this week, Franklin-Myers had some strong words for Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. ESPN’s Rich Cimini relayed the comments, although there was no video of them posted on the Jets’ official YouTube channel.

“[Allen] does a good job of breaking tackles and getting into guys’ heads,” Franklin-Myers told Cimini, “baiting guys into certain things, pleading with the refs and getting some of those calls.”

It was a pretty notable accusation to make against one of the rising superstars of the game, but it’s not exactly uncommon if true. Tom Brady has been petitioning referees on late flags for years and most of the top QBs do get more calls than the unestablished ones. Unfortunately, it’s just the nature of the NFL world we live in.

Franklin-Myers recognized that fact as well, adding: “It’s part of the game. It’s NBA-like. That’s what the NFL is kind of turning into. Hey, the referees can’t see everything and their job is to call some of those things.”

The Jets pass rusher did take one more verbal shot at Allen and quarterbacks in general, however.

“Hey, if you can fake it until you make it, then that’s good for you too,” JFM concluded. One thing’s for sure, Allen has certainly made it.

The dual-threat gunslinger is now a perennial MVP candidate while the Jets are still unsure about whether they drafted the right quarterback prospect or not. If the plan is to get under Allen’s skin ahead of the Week 9 matchup, that may not be wise.

He already has nearly 2,200 yards passing with another 306 rushing and 21 all-purpose touchdowns. It’ll take just about everything this Jets’ pass rush — and defense — has if they want to stop Allen’s Bills on Sunday.

Just make sure not to fall for the “bait” after the ball is out.

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