Jets Fans Roast Giants Beat Writer for Bold Take on Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers during 2023 OTAs.

There’s bold, and then there’s a tad bit ridiculous.

At least, that appears to be the sentiment surrounding a New York football take on May 30. “Sorry Jets’ fans, the Giants have the better quarterback,” NYG beat writer Bob Brookover voiced while sharing his most recent article with, adding: “Giants have the Big Apple’s best QB. Here’s why Daniel Jones is better than Aaron Rodgers.”

Needless to say, this tweet was met with a lot of skepticism and displeasure from Jets fans, and we haven’t even gotten to the article itself.

Giants Reporter Argues Daniel Jones Is Better Than Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

“Jones, by almost every measure, was better than Rodgers last season and there is plenty of reason to believe that will be the case again in 2023,” Brookover argued within the May 30 column. He then rattled off a long list of statistics.

“Jones, in his fourth NFL season, had a 67.2% completion percentage (317-for-472), Brookover began. “Rodgers, in his 18th overall season and 15th as a starter, had a 64.6% completions percentage (350-for-542).”

Continuing: “Jones threw five interceptions, the fewest of the 27 quarterbacks that threw at least 310 passes, and lost three fumbles. Rodgers threw 12 interceptions, the second highest total of his career, and lost four fumbles.”

Jones also bested Rodgers in rushing yards and total yards, although Rodgers threw for more passing yards and touchdowns — the latter, by a wide margin. The Giants signal-caller edged the future Hall of Famer in passer rating and QBR as well, and Brookover gave Jones the “advantage” in offensive line play, head-to-head result, age, and personality in the locker room.

In fact, Rodgers lost just about every category Brookover compared in 2022 and if he didn’t lose, he “pushed” — aside from passing yards and TDs.

There was no mention of Rodgers’ broken thumb last year, the fact that he’s won the NFL MVP two out of the past three seasons, or supporting cast outside of Pro Football Focus’ final offensive line rankings. It is important to note, however, that those PFF power rankings were based on Week 18 health, and star Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari missed six starts in 2022 before finishing the season on the field.

Jets Fans React to Daniel Jones, Aaron Rodgers Debate

Brookover’s original tweet currently has 20 bookmarks and 10 retweets (not counting quotes) approximately six hours after it posted. Typically, a ratio like that says it all, but the replies spelled out very clearly what Jets fans thought of this take.

“Insanity. Little brother syndrome in full force,” one Jets fan commented.

Another reacted: “He must be talking about Josh Allen lol I damn sure know he’s not talking about the Giants 🤣.”

“This is homerism at its finest,” a third said, and a fourth joked that “I too like living in my own little fantasy world.”

Finally, one Jets fans let loose, tweeting: “These reporters are so embarrassing. They’ll type any headline and give up all their integrity for some clicks. 😂”

A Miami Dolphins fan even backed the Jets in this debate, stating: “Ok the Jets are way overrated but on no planet is Daniel Jones better than Rodgers and any part of his game except running. This is just stupid! Hell, he’s the 3rd best in his division alone.”

Of course, there were one or two Giants supporters who agreed with Brookover. One argued: “Dj was clearly better last year with a worse supporting cast. I’d rather have a kid in his prime over a 40 [year old] man who couldn’t do anything with a much better team.”

The Jets and Giants do play each other in 2023 despite representing separate conferences, and it appears the cross-town rivalry is heating up a bit with Rodgers entering the scene.

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