Jets, Giants Warned Not to Sign 3-Time All-Pro: ‘He’s Just Not the Guy’

Robert Saleh

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh during a press conference at 2023 OTAs.

Both the New York Jets and New York Giants have been connected to free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins over the past few weeks, although the response from each franchise was very different.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh practically shut down the idea that Gang Green is interested in Hopkins, voicing that he and his front office “love our current group” of wideouts. On the other hand, Giants HC Brian Daboll left the door open slightly by saying they’d look into it as they always do when players become available.

Neither seemed overly enthused about Hopkins but then again, coaches and general managers often bluff the media when it comes to situations like these. Despite their public statements on the matter, WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti of “Boomer & Gio” had a strong message for both the Jets and Giants when it comes to a pursuit of the three-time All-Pro WR: Stay away.

‘Boomer & Gio’ Tell Jets & Giants to Steer Clear of Free Agent WR DeAndre Hopkins

The popular NYC morning radio show hosts, Esiason and Giannotti, were adamant that Hopkins is not the type of addition that the Jets and Giants should be focused on.

“I just don’t see it for either one of these two teams here in New York,” former NYJ and NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason told his partner. Although, the pair was willing to admit that Big Blue could potentially use another playmaker more than the Jets.

“It’s a bad idea,” Giannotti chimed in, comparing a Hopkins signing to the Kenny Golladay deal that blew up in the Giants’ face. “[With] all you have told me about some of the stuff and the rumblings about DeAndre Hopkins… Sort of the same way I looked at [NBA superstar] James Harden. Really, really talented, scored a bunch of points, but really when it came down to it — is that the guy that you’re going to go and win a championship with?”

“And both these teams have designs on [a championship],” Giannotti added. “Both these teams have thoughts of deep playoff runs. He’s just not the guy.”

“His reputation, it’s not great,” Esiason noted later, explaining a bit of the “rumblings” Giannotti was referring to when it comes to Hopkins. “Everybody knows that he’s a great athlete and a great player, but the work ethic and the commitment to practice and all that other stuff is really where the big question marks reside.”

Esiason concluded that maybe the lack of free agent demand so far will act as a little bit of a “wake-up call” for Hopkins.

“You being the guy now is over,” the ex-QB stated. “It’s done. You had your chance in two different places. Now, you’ll have your third chance — somebody will give you a chance, and if you get with the right quarterback, you may be able to put up some numbers — but if you’re just going for the money somewhere for some team that feels like they need another playmaker, and you’re with an inexperienced quarterback or a quarterback that feels like they’re outside the top 15, then I would think it’s just a money play, it’s not really about you being part of a winning team.”

We’ll see if either the Jets or Giants adjust their stance on Hopkins in the coming months.

Latest From DeAndre Hopkins’ Camp

After very few coaches were willing to commit to a pursuit of Hopkins publicly on May 31, the pass-catcher tweeted the following cryptically: “…🙉🙊🙈.”

For the record, that emoji tweet got over 21,000 likes — so you can’t say Hopkins isn’t popular with the fans.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler also leaked a live update on “Get Up” that Hopkins is reportedly “open for business” with all 32 NFL franchise (via Bleacher Report). This is a major deviation from Hopkins’ tactics during Arizona Cardinals trade rumors, where he appeared to narrow down the speculation to a small list of Super Bowl contenders.

Hopkins has “pretty much heard from most of the league” at this point, according to Fowler, although there’s no telling what teams are willing to offer him at this time.