Jets Warned to Avoid ‘Overdramatic’ Diva Pass Catcher in 2023

Odell Beckham Jr, NFL

Getty NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr enjoying some celebrations during the offseason.

We are inching closer and closer to a decision on the New York Jets quarterback situation.

Once that domino falls, the rest of the offseason will come into full focus for the green and white. Our pair of experts Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden Jr and Michael Obermuller filter through the latest buzz and rumors to provide you with the latest insight.

Big Time Warnings, Who Will Be Jets QB2?

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1. If you had the ability to warn the Jets about a free agent they should avoid on the open market, who would it be and why?


I’ll say an expensive wide receiver like Odell Beckham Jr.

Now, I’m not saying he’s been linked to the Jets because as far as I know, he hasn’t, but OBJ would be the last thing the Jets need. This team already has plenty of hungry mouths to feed and with a better quarterback, they should thrive in doing so.

I want to see Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore and Tyler Conklin. I want to see Breece Hall and Michael Carter out of the backfield. The Jets don’t need an expensive, injury-prone, overdramatic wideout coming in and complaining about targets.

Boy Green:

Oof so MO is not a fan of OBJ. Maybe he doesn’t like other people that are addressed by their initials.

While there haven’t been any directly sourced insiders that have said OBJ and the Jets in the same sentence. There was a lot of buzz created when Sauce Gardner had Odell Beckham Jr on his video game stream earlier this offseason.

Does this mean something? Nothing? Who knows but it is interesting nonetheless.

I would love to see OBJ back in New York especially if you pair him with a star quarterback. However, to go along with the premise of the question, I’ll say Carson Wentz. No, just no thank you that would be a disaster.

2. Who is the perfect QB2 for the Jets in 2023?


Assuming you’re bringing in a veteran QB to start, I think the QB2 should be a battle between Zach Wilson and a mid-to-late-round rookie.

It’s been reported by Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic that the Jets may still draft a quarterback in 2023. Going off that theory, a Stetson Bennett or Max Duggan type could be the perfect flyer to compete with Wilson.

Despite having different college backgrounds, these kids are all competitors at heart and the QB2 battle could bring the best out of them.

Boy Green:

Brian Hoyer could be an interesting answer. The Jets hosted him for a visit back in April of 2021. He will be released by the New England Patriots ahead of free agency.

He could come cheap and with the Jets set to have an expensive QB1 that might not be a bad idea.

Jets Pay Cuts, Poaching Rivals, and QB Timeline?

3. Which impending AFC East free agent would you like the Jets to poach away this offseason and add to their squad?


The Buffalo Bills are the cream of the crop right now, so I’d start there. One player that intrigues me is safety Jordan Poyer.

He won’t come cheap, but Poyer would shore up the back end either replacing Jordan Whitehead or playing alongside him. Head coach Robert Saleh loves having veterans at safety and this swipe would hurt the top dogs of the division while also strengthening a weakness.

Boy Green:

I already mentioned Hoyer, so he could fit the bill for this question.

One that would tantalize me is Thomas Morstead. Honestly, the Jets should have never let him go in the first place after he replaced an injured Braden Mann.

After the Jets dumped him on the side of the road he ran to the division-rival Miami Dolphins. With him set for unrestricted free agency, there is a chance for a family reunion.

4. If you were running the operation, which Jets player would you ask to take a pay cut and what would your pitch be to that player?


Both C.J.’s, Mosley, and Uzomah, really need to take pay cuts. My pitch would be the same to both: Super Bowl.

Do you want to bring in Aaron Rodgers? Do you want to build a roster that can take this team to the promised land? Well then, we need your help.

Both of these vets are overpaid and if they recognize that they’re entering the twilight years of their NFL careers, they might realize that a pay cut offers their best chance to win.

Boy Green:

This wouldn’t be a rude thing by any means because any of the players I’d be asking I’d want back. Carl Lawson is the guy.

I think he’ll be even better in 2023 with another year removed from the Achilles injury but the rent is too damn high. The Jets need flexibility on the cap and Lawson provides the best avenue for that. I would suggest an extension to spread out money, which could be viewed as a quasi-pay cut kind of situation.

I hope the Jets keep him and don’t cut him straight up but it will be extremely tempting.

5. When will we know who the next QB1 for the Jets is and guess what the fan base’s overall reaction to the result?


I’ve been saying it on Twitter, it’s going to happen this week IF it’s Rodgers (via trade) or Carr, and those dominos have already begun to fall with Carr officially heading to New Orleans. All other free agents would have to wait until March 15 (or realistically, legal tampering on March 13).

As for the reaction, I think Rodgers will produce ecstasy for most fans at the end of the day because it means the Jets are all in. Unfortunately, after the Carr news, anyone else would most likely be deemed a failure at this stage.

It was Rodgers, Carr, or bust. Now, it’s just Rodgers.

Boy Green:

I think we find out this week and I felt this way before the Carr news dropped on Monday, March 6. It just feels like everything is finally coming to a head and I think I can speak on behalf of all Jets fans we are ready for some answers.

By the next time we do this mailbag, I believe all of our quarterback questions will be answered. Now will we collectively be happy about it is another matter entirely.

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