Jets Get Strong Hint on Steelers’ Quarterback Decision in Week 4

Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky

Getty Will the Pittsburgh Steelers replace QB Mitchell Trubisky (right) with rookie Kenny Pickett (left) against the New York Jets?

It may be a little early to look ahead to Week 4 but the New York Jets’ upcoming opponent just played their third game of the season on Thursday Night Football yesterday evening (Sept. 22).

That, of course, is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who fell to 1-2 after losing to the Cleveland Browns. Considering the Jets defeated the Browns — wild circumstances aside — the natural assumption is that they’d have a shot of beating the Steelers in Week 4. The one major difference is that Week 4 is in Pittsburgh, although Gang Green did win in Cleveland.

Still, it should be achievable and the latest from the Steelers organization could help the Jets’ chances, depending on your view of the situation.

Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Sounds off on QB Choice vs. Jets

During a postgame press conference on September 22, long-time Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked whether or not he’d consider a quarterback change versus the Jets in Week 4.

For those not up to date on the current QB landscape in Pittsburgh, veteran Mitchell Trubisky started the first three games and first-round draft pick Kenny Pickett is awaiting his inaugural NFL outing. Based on Tomlin’s comments, it appears the rookie may have to wait a little longer for his first taste of pro-level action.

When questioned on a QB change, the Steelers HC began by saying that he’s not “in that mindset” and wants to review all the tape, before adding that the “answer to that question is definitively no” at this time.


That led NYJ media members like Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic to surmise that Trubisky “might” still be the likely starter in Week 4. Of course, statements like these from NFL head coaches are always subject to change but for now, we can chalk up the intensity of Tomlin’s response as a strong hint of who the Jets might have to prepare for.

Mitchell Trubisky or Kenny Pickett?

Some of you might be wondering, is one option clearly better than the other from a Jets perspective? Fans were split on this on social media.

Certain NYJ supporters licked their chops at the thought of a rookie in his first NFL start. Others welcomed the former Chicago Bears bust that has gotten off to a shaky beginning in Pittsburgh.

No matter your opinion on Pickett and whether or not he’s a pro-ready talent that could outperform Trubisky, consider this. Watching this Steelers team play last night, they seemed to display a lack of emotion and motivation with the veteran leading the offense.

The body language from wide receivers after constant three-and-outs and failed possessions in the second half was not good, and that lack of production seemed to take a toll on the defense as well. Quite frankly, this did not appear to be a team that had a strong belief in their quarterback.


Now, that’s just one outside observation but based on the fanbase’s calls for a change, I’d gather that I’m not alone in that opinion. Pickett’s promotion could spark something in the other 52 athletes on this roster, whether he slings the football well out of the gates or not.

Pittsburgh is a team that won on the backs of their defense and skill-position players in 2021. They can do so again if everyone feels confident in their signal-caller — the all-important leader on offense.

A fourth Trubisky start just continues that air of uncertainty within the organization and that could bode well for the Jets in Week 4.

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