New York Knicks Could Lose a Top Playmaker in Free Agency

derrick rose free agency


It’s no secret that one of the positions the New York Knicks will be looking to upgrade at point guard this offseason as that was definitely one of the weaker spots on the roster.

There are several different options for the team to hone in on including, but not limited to, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard and even Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell.

However, while the team sets its sights on other players in free agency, the Knicks will also have to focus on keeping their own stars in town. This applies to free agent point guard Derrick Rose who played a massive role in the team’s success this season after coming over in a trade from the Detroit Pistons.

It’s been expected that the Knicks would be able to bring him back due to his familiarity with coach Tom Thibodeau, but that’s not a given.

Rose to the Nuggets?

Derrick Rose Lakers


There will be a lot of teams looking for upgrades to their roster this offseason, and Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz believes the Denver Nuggets will be looking at the services of Derrick Rose.

With starting point guard Jamal Murray being out with a torn ACL, an injury that’ll carry on into the next season, the Nuggets will look to bolster the position.

Rose will be an excellent addition to the roster if they do manage to steal him away from the Knicks, but it’ll be tough. Swartz notes that the Knicks will be able to offer Rose more money, something that might come into play given his history with injuries and the fact he may not have many more contracts to earn after this.

Something that could work in the favor of the Nuggets would be the fact they are arguably closer to winning a championship than the Knicks are.

With reigning MVP Nikola Jokic on the roster, the team will contend for a championship every year he remains on the team. Perhaps Rose could prove to be the piece that would put them over the top.

Will Rose Actually Leave?

derrick rose


Rose has spoken about his love for playing in New York, and that can be backed up given the fact that this is now his second stint playing for the team.

The Knicks achieved a lot in the past season and it’s expected that the young roster will take another leap forward and they could be competing for a championship very soon.

Rose was one of the team’s best playmakers in the past season and the loss of him could leave a giant void that the Knicks would have trouble filling. When free agency opens, expect to see the team roll out the red carpet in hopes of keeping him, as well as trying to land a big name such as Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, or somebody else entirely.

The Knicks’ core is certainly there, so it’s not like they will need to search as hard as they’ve had to in previous seasons. It’s also worth mentioning that they have a bunch of draft capital to play with this offseason whether that’s in filling out the roster with even more young talent or bundling them together for a big trade.

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