ESPN Accidentally Airs Uncensored Rant From Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence [VIDEO]

DeMarcus Lawrence

Getty Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence

After the Dallas Cowboys’ 33-13 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14, defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence was clearly amped up.

However, he probably didn’t think his vulgar post-game comments would hit national television without some form of censor.

There’s reason for excitement: Dallas is leading the NFC East race for the first time all year. But when SportsCenter looked back at the Cowboys’ victory on December 10, they forgot to the bleep button.

“Hit a m*****f***** in the face. Over and over and over and over again, until they quit. And when they quit, him them again,” Lawrence said in the clip shared by Awful Announcing below.

Typically, a program like SportsCenter has its bases covered on something like this. But they missed on this one, leading to an immediate apology from anchor Ryan Smith.

“Want to quickly apologize for some sound we aired a couple moments ago from that Cowboys piece,” Smith said. “Some foul language was used. So, I just want to say, apologies for that on our behalf. Unintentional mistake there.”

Cowboys fans likely won’t mind, but it’s hard seeing how Philly fans will enjoy hearing that. Either way, Lawrence and the Cowboys defense do hold bragging rights after preventing the Eagles from scoring an offensive touchdown.

Dak Prescott Sends Message to Eagles

After a 33-point performance against a Super Bowl contender, there may not seem like much room for improvement. But Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott believes that he didn’t even play at his best.

But as Heavy’s Jonathan Adams wrote up, Prescott did not meet his own standards. The Cowboys QB said that if he had met those standards, the Cowboys would’ve scored quite a bit more.

“As I talked about my performance tonight, as I said, yeah, I was good enough to win, but I hold myself to super high standards,” Prescott said on December 10. “And yeah, if I play my best game we’re putting up 50 out there. And so, that’s not going to change, and I’m going to keep pushing for that. That’s the work that I put into this thing. That’s the preparation that I do.”

It’s a statement that shows Prescott is focused on being as good as he can be. But it’s also a bit of a warning to the Eagles that they may have been fortunate to only lose 33-13.

Cowboys Begin Difficult Road Test

Taking the NFC East lead is huge for Dallas, but there are still four weeks of the season remaining and it won’t be easy. Over the next two weeks, the Cowboys will be playing the Buffalo Bills and then the Miami Dolphins on the road.

The Bills just went into Kansas City and beat the Chiefs in an effort to keep pace in the playoff race, while the Dolphins are current the No. 1 seed in the AFC. Buffalo is famous for their exceptional home crowds, while Miami is undefeated at home this year.

Neither will be easy, but these are the kind of games Dallas has to win to be the NFC East champs. That will then be followed up by a difficult return home, as the now 9-4 Detroit Lions will visit Cowboys Stadium in the penultimate game of the regular season.

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