Cowboys Position on Long-Rumored Trade for $96 Million Star Still Firm: Report

Cowboys long-rumored trade target Stefon Diggs is not expected to land in Dallas.

Getty Cowboys long-rumored trade target Stefon Diggs is not expected to land in Dallas.

As long as Trevon Diggs plays for the Cowboys—he is just starting a five-year, $97 million contract extension—and as long as Stefon Diggs continues to be a brooder in Buffalo, there will continue be a link between the elder Diggs joining his little brother in Dallas. Even if no one is specifically expressing it, it’s there.

And it’s not happening. Any possibility of the Cowboys swooping in for a trade of Stefon Diggs to unite him with his brother in Dallas is just not happening. That’s the word from’s Cowboys insider Mike Fisher, who quoted a source with rather strong language to illustrate just how far removed the possibility of a Diggs-and-Diggs really is.

There’s nothing new on the possibility of Stefon Diggs being traded to the Cowboys, but SI asked the question anyway, if only to swat it down.

Quoth Fisher’s source: “More bull*** than ever!”

Cowboys Not Rumored to Be Interested in a Trade

Again, not that anyone was even proposing a major Cowboys trade at this point. In fact, it has been a decidedly quiet opening week of free agency for the Cowboys, who appear intent on bringing back much the same team as last year, only minus some key pieces, like left tackle Tyron Smith and starting running back Tony Pollard.

The Cowboys have not made moves to replace either, apparently turning to the bargain bin and/or the draft to cover up those holes. The plan seems to be to stick with what the Cowboys have for this year and, essentially, be ready to explode the whole thing if the Cowboys flop in the playoffs again.

The only addition to the Cowboys’ roster has been linebacker Eric Kendricks, a very good signing. But there has been frustration that the Cowboys have not attempted to do more. Team VP Stephen Jones preached patience, essentially telling fans the team plans to do some dumpster-diving in the coming weeks.

“That first negotiating day, it’s wild and it’s big, big, big dollars. But as you see now, things are calming down,” Jones said, via The Athletic. “That’s where we think you can be efficient and do good things. I think we have in the past, whether it’s via trade or whether it’s via just (a deal) like we did yesterday with Kendricks.

“I’m sure there will be more players released around the league as people move forward and work within their cap. You never know what you might see that you don’t see today. Those are all things that we feel very prepared to make quick decisions on. And I look forward to it.”

Stefon Diggs Starting $96 Million Extension

As for Diggs, he is just starting a four-year, $96 million contract extension, with $48 million guaranteed. For a Cowboys team that is looking more and more like it will absorb the massive $59.4 million contract hit for Dak Prescott this year rather than renegotiate his deal (the renegotiation may yet come, of course), and is looking at massive extensions for Micah Parsons and CeeDee Lamb, taking on Stefon Diggs’ deal is a nonstarter.

Maybe a Diggs deal now is more BS than ever, but it was always BS so, it’s a bit of a moot point.

Still, Stefon Diggs continued to brood in Buffalo, despite his generous contract. The cap-trapped Bills had to make six difficult cuts last week to make sure they were cap compliant, but Diggs was not among them. Nor was he traded. Nor has there been talk that he will be traded.

He did, however, post a cryptic message to Twitter/X: “Ready for watever.”

Maybe that means a trade is coming, though at his salary, not likely. And certainly not to Dallas.

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