Chiefs’ Chris Jones Issues Warning to Tyreek Hill Ahead of Germany Matchup

Getty Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones (left) and Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (right).

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs, distributed a block in Week 3 that made him confident enough to call out All-Pro defenders Chris Jones and Micah Parsons on social media.

Jones responded to being called out by Tyreek while making a guest appearance on Jason and Travis Kelce’s podcast “New Heights.”

When asked by Jason what would happen if Tyreek attempted to block him in the same way, Jones said in the September 29 episode, “Listen, Tyreek weigh a buck eighty — probably a buck forty. Honestly, Tyreek is just too small, man. I would f****ing pluck Tyreek and he will fall over bro. You better stick to catching the ball bro. I don’t think you wanna get in the trenches.”

Travis was determined to make sure Tyreek attempted to block Chris Jones when the Chiefs and Dolphins play each other in Germany on November 5.

“You know who I’m gonna call out? (Dolphins head coach) Mike McDaniel,” Travis said. “He (Tyreek) asked for it. “When we play in Germany you better give Tyreek at least one play where he’s gotta go in there and get dirty and get physical.”

Chris Jones Details Tyreek Hill’s Competitiveness

During their conversation about Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce revealed the competitive basketball games Tyreek and Chris Jones would have in the Chiefs locker room and how much trash talk was exchanged between the star players. Jones then went on to explain his own perspective on the subject.

“Tyreek is very competitive, man, and I’m like ‘Tyreek is not even five foot (tall), you think imma let this little mother****er talk sh** to me?'” Jones explained. He then went on to say that Tyreek has “little man syndrome” which is why he talks trash and talks fast.

Chris Jones & Tyreek Hill Are Thriving on Field

Despite a lack of competitive basketball games in the locker room between the two of them, both Chris Jones and Tyreek Hill are thriving on their respective teams.

In three games played this season, Tyreek has caught 25-of-35 targets for 412 yards and 4 touchdowns, according to Pro Football Reference. He is currently second in the league in receiving behind Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson (458).

Tyreek’s hot start to the season has him currently on pace to finish the season with career highs in receiving yards (2,334), catches (141), and touchdowns (22).

As for Chris Jones — he hasn’t missed a step since returning from his contract holdout.

In two games played, Jones has registered 7 total quarterback pressures (4 hurries, 3 sacks, 1 hurry) on just 49 defensive snaps played, per PFF.

At this pace, Jones would finish the season with 56 QB pressures, which is far from a career-high for him. But he was only on the field for an average of 24.5 snaps per game over his first two games. To put that into perspective — during the 2022 season, Jones averaged 53.8 snaps per game. Yet Jones has provided tremendous production with his limited sample size this season, which is why he is PFF’s second-highest-graded interior defender in the NFL through three weeks (92.6).