Chiefs Kingdom Reacts to Kadarius Toney’s Bold Return to Social Media

Kadarius Toney

Getty Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney has made his return on social media.

After his embarrassing performance on opening night, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney deactivated his X account (formerly Twitter) and went dark on social media. The New York Giants’ Week 1 blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys was enough to bring him back, however.

“Na Don’t get quiet now….” Toney posted on his Instagram story with a screenshot of Giants stars Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones when the score was 26-0 (via how bout those CHIEFS). Later, he added a photo of Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin — a baby — in bed with the final score (via NYDN’s Pat Leonard), voicing: “Giants fans last night.”

While Toney did get his revenge after being trolled mercilessly on September 7 and 8, the overall response from Chiefs fans were mixed.

Chiefs Fans Offer Mixture of Laughter & Disappointment Following Kadarius Toney’s Week 1 Trolling of Giants

No matter what happens with the Giants — an NFC team that has very little impact on Kansas City — the Chiefs are 0-1 and that’s largely because of Toney. Not only did one of his drops spring a Detroit Lions interception for a touchdown, but a later drop also stalled KC’s potential comeback.

Now, Toney wasn’t the only guilty party on Thursday night, but he was the headliner — and some fans are not quick to forget.

“Ya… he has no room to talk,” one Chiefs fan responded on X. “Dude is paper mâché and coming off probably the worst game of his career.”

Another said: “Show me [a] post [where] Toney is working those jug machines…. he’s [too] scorned for this to even matter.”

“I love that he’s not backing down, but I hate this one because he did just as bad as that whole Giants roster,” a third fan replied. “Gotta back up the talk.”

To be fair, certain KC fans didn’t seem to mind the trash talking from Toney.

“I love toney. Not backing down from his troll war with some giants fans,” one wrote, and another simply commented: “I was waiting for you to see this😂😂😂😂.”

Finally, one very conflicted fan acknowledged that “[Toney] really needs to stay off social media and let his play do the talking,” before admitting, “but this is highly entertaining 😂😭.”

Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney Must Redeem Himself Before It’s Too Late

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes II has not lost faith in Toney, but the fanbase feels like it’s teetering on the edge due to his constant injuries and antics. The young wideout was integral in Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, but he’s done very little aside from that outing.

After Week 1 — and this growing obsession with the Giants fanbase on social media — another poor performance could further sour the player in the eyes of Chiefs Kingdom. Especially when you consider that there are other wide receivers like Justyn Ross and Richie James that didn’t get much burn on offense against the Lions.

It’s time for Toney to redeem himself, and Week 2 can’t come soon enough for both KC and their key playmaker. If he’s efficient and productive versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, maybe all of this is forgotten.

If he drops more passes and hinders the offense, Toney’s 2023 campaign in Kansas City could get ugly very quickly. After all, this city only cares about winning at the end of the day — and championships usually stem from having every player’s undivided attention.

That’s why Mahomes does his trash talking on the field, not social media.

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