NFL Pundit Predicts Chiefs Long-Awaited Super Bowl Rematch in 2022

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Getty Peter Schrager has the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl in 2022.

Tonight is that night as the NFL takes center stage once again.

With that, of course, come all the preseason predictions from analysts and pundits. The trendy AFC pick this year is certainly the Buffalo Bills, who many around the league feel have finally reached their peak.

After four straight AFC championship appearances though, Kansas City fans know that you can never count out Patrick Mahomes II and Andy Reid. Apparently, Chiefs Kingdom is not alone.

Peter Schrager Predicts Chiefs-Packers Super Bowl Rematch

NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” revealed their 2022 predictions this week and long-time co-host Peter Schrager went last on September 8. As he hyped ahead of time, the senior NFL writer’s picks come highly-anticipated based on his impressive track record in recent seasons.

  • Schrager predicted a Rams Super Bowl win in 2021.
  • He had Chiefs vs. Buccaneers the season before.
  • He also had the Rams vs. the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

“I take a lot of pride in this pick,” the popular football analyst told viewers before announcing his selection, “I’ll live with it if it goes terribly wrong because you know what, it very rarely does.”

The segment then went into a lengthy breakdown of each conference but we’ll spare you the suspense. Schrager ended up picking a rematch of Super Bowl I, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers.

“The Kansas City Chiefs are going back to where they belong,” Schrager proclaimed loudly after explaining his reasoning for Green Bay.

“Oh, do I love history,” he continued. “Super Bowl I; Chiefs, Packers — in a showdown for the ages. [The] Packers come out there and they absolutely handle Kansas City, and yet it was a fun one because it was the first Super Bowl. And there he is, Lenny Dawson, in the year of Lenny Dawson, [as we’re] remembering one of the NFL greats.”

Schrager then discussed an odd but true narrative in the making. “Let me tell you something about this Super Bowl, Mahomes and [Aaron] Rodgers do all those commercials together [but] the first time they were supposed to play, Mahomes wasn’t on the field. The last time they were supposed to play, Rodgers wasn’t on the field. They have never faced off one on one,” he informed.

It’s true — Mahomes and Rodgers have actually gone against each other more on the golf course than they have the gridiron, and despite the legendary historic value behind this matchup, the current rivalry between these two franchises is minor at best.

Of course, the Packers would be a very formidable opponent as a consistent NFC contender throughout the past two decades. That didn’t stop Schrager from going all in on KC, however, choosing the Chiefs as his 2022 Super Bowl champion.

“It’s a full team this year,” the TV pundit touted while rocking a Nick Bolton jersey, “they’ve got a defense that is going to scare you… With a rebuilt defensive line, I think this Chiefs team is going to be the complete team.”

Sammy Watkins Hypes Rodgers Over Mahomes

Speaking of this “rivalry,” ex-Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins did stoke the embers a bit this summer saying that Rodgers’ quarterback play is “on a whole different level.”

“He’s amazing. How he controls the ball,” Watkins said of Rodgers. “How he puts everyone in place. I’ve been with a lot of quarterbacks, and I’ve never seen them carry themselves like Aaron Rodgers.”

To be fair, the wideout did voice that Mahomes is “incredibly good,” just not Rodgers good.

Teammate loyalty is expected, but Watkins should remember that he won a Super Bowl with Mahomes, not Rodgers. Perhaps — if Schrager is correct — he’ll get the opportunity to do the same with his new quarterback in 2022.

Of course, he may have to beat Kansas City to do it.