Travis Kelce’s Sideline TD Reaction Goes Viral Amid Historic Game [LOOK]

Travis Kelce

Getty Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce during pregame warmups.

It wasn’t a pretty finish in Denver for the Kansas City Chiefs but let’s not forget how the game began.

Not only were the Chiefs up 27, but they were also breaking records in the process. It was a particularly historic afternoon for future Hall of Fame tight end, Travis Kelce. PFF NFL insider Ari Meirov was among those that shared the news on Twitter.

“Travis Kelce has eclipsed 10,000 career receiving yards, becoming the 5th TE in NFL history to reach that milestone and the fastest TE to get there (140 games, 37 fewer than everyone else),” Meirov informed. “Kelce is also over 1,000 yards for the 7th straight season (extending his own [personal] record).”

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Goes Viral for TD Reaction vs Broncos

The record-breaking reception may have been momentous, but Kelce went viral for another reason on Sunday. After the Willie Gay interception that was returned for a touchdown, the camera spotted the superstar tight end on the sidelines.

To quote Meirov again, Kelce was “chillin” after the 27-0 start, and the photo of the grinning playmaker kicking his feet back on the bench quickly went viral on social media.

Now, in hindsight, you could certainly argue that this picture also portrayed why the Chiefs allowed the Broncos to make an improbable comeback — they got a little too casual up big. That means that what started as a funny moment for Kelce could potentially turn into “Example A” of what not to do in the future.

Having said that, you can’t blame Kelce for smiling and taking it all in for a second. His team was executing on all cylinders while he was further cementing his place in the NFL history books.

After all, only three other tight ends have done what he just accomplished — Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten, and Antonio Gates. All three are legends of the sport, and when all is said and done Kelce might top the list.

Travis Kelce on 10K Mark: The Chiefs Win ‘Means More’

Kelce had more of a solemn demeanor during his postgame press conference.

“Fast start, just gotta be able to keep finding ways to get first downs and keep putting up points [after that],” the tight end told reporters. He did add that although there is a lot to clean up on offense, he’s “not going to complain about a divisional win up here in Denver — it’s always a tough game.”

In terms of his new record (fastest to achieve) and his 10K accomplishment, Kelce noted that “honestly, right now the win means more than any of those [personal] stats.”

“Everybody’s been kind of talking about me getting those stats at some point this year,” he continued, “but to come up here and get a win and be a part of the crowd that is the 10,000 [yard] crew… obviously all those guys are, it’s an unbelievable community to be in and I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve had the coaches and the players around me to be able to have as much success in the NFL as I have had.”

The always-humble Kelce ended the chatter about his personal accolades there. Something more important is on his mind, Week 15 and an eventual postseason run.

Beating Denver is one thing but the Chiefs will have to get past teams like the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals if they want to make it back to the Super Bowl in 2022.

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