Patriots Assistant Considered ‘Quarterback Savant’ Expected to Tutor Drake Maye

New England Patriot's QB Drake Maye

Getty Images New England Patriot's QB Drake Maye

The New England Patriots made significant changes to their coaching staff this offseason, focusing on revamping their offensive coaching room. Among the notable additions is offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, whose reputation precedes him as a great offensive mind in the league.

However, it’s not just Van Pelt who will play a significant role in rebuilding a struggling Patriots offense; senior offensive assistant Ben McAdoo is expected to play an important role in helping new Patriots quarterback Drake Maye navigate the start of his NFL career.

Both played a vital role in the pre-draft process, including attending pro days like No.3 overall pick Drake Maye’s in North Carolina. McAdoo’s inclusion in the Patriots’ coaching roster marks a significant move in their offseason offensive restructuring. His past collaborations with Van Pelt, particularly during their tenure in Green Bay in the early 2010s, hint at a shared vision and understanding that could prove invaluable in shaping the Patriots’ offensive strategy.

According to insights shared by NFL Network reporter Cameron Wolfe on a recent episode of Patriots Daily, McAdoo’s role is expected to be particularly instrumental in developing the rookie quarterback.

“One thing I was told by Jerod [Mayo] and by multiple people, Ben McAdoo is going to have a huge role for Drake Maye,” explained Wolfe. “They hired him for a reason. They think he’s a quarterback savant. He’s been a former head coach, and there’s a thought there that he can develop Drake Maye. Not saying he’s going to have more of a role than Alex Van Pelt, but I’d say that Ben McAdoo is going to have a significant role in developing Drake Maye.”

McAdoo’s Coaching Journey

Ben McAdoo’s journey through football coaching ranks reflects a diverse and storied career path. Beginning at the grassroots level of high school and college football, he gradually ascended to the NFL stage, earning his stripes.

His NFL journey commenced in 2004 with the New Orleans Saints, where he served as a quality control coach. A subsequent stint with the San Francisco 49ers as an assistant offensive line coach paved the way for his tenure with the Green Bay Packers, where McAdoo’s versatility saw him mentor tight ends and quarterbacks over an impressive eight-year span.

In 2014, McAdoo’s career trajectory took a significant leap when he was appointed offensive coordinator for the New York Giants. Just two years later, he assumed the mantle of head coach, a role that showcased both triumph and tribulation. Despite a promising inaugural season marked by an 11-5 record and a playoff berth, McAdoo’s tenure in New York was marred by a challenging second year, culminating in his departure midway through the season.

Following his tenure with the Giants, McAdoo embarked on a hiatus from the NFL before resurfacing as quarterbacks coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2020. However, his tenure with the Jaguars was short-lived, leading to another transition chapter.

McAdoo’s expertise and insight remained undeniable despite the ebb and flow of his coaching journey. His subsequent consultancy role with the Dallas Cowboys and brief stint as offensive coordinator with the Carolina Panthers underscored his enduring relevance within the league.

As he reunites with Alex Van Pelt in New England, the rationale behind McAdoo’s hire appears abundantly clear. With his track record and reputation preceding him, McAdoo’s arrival in Foxborough signals a strategic move by the Patriots to harness his quarterback development ability and help shape Drake Maye’s future.

McAdoo’s Quarterback Evaluations Have Been Spot On

If Ben McAdoo played a significant role in evaluating this year’s quarterback class, then Patriots fans should feel good about their ultimate selection of Drake Maye. Ben McAdoo’s insights into the 2018 NFL Draft, shared in an interview with The New York Post, have stood the test of time, offering a visionary glimpse into the quarterback landscape of that year’s draft class.

McAdoo ranked the class in the following order:

However, the teams selecting quarterbacks that year seemed to disagree with McAdoo. Ironically, Eliot Wolf, who was in Cleveland then, was part of the group that decided to make Baker Mayfield the top pick. Followed by the New York Jets‘ selection of Sam Darnold at No. 3. Josh Allen was next in line, taken by the Buffalo Bills at No. 7. At the same time, Josh Rosen found his destination with the Arizona Cardinals at No. 10. Lamar Jackson, the eventual NFL MVP and one of the league’s premier quarterbacks rounded out the first round as the Baltimore Ravens’ pick at No. 32.

While Allen and Jackson have solidified their positions among the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, their accomplishments in the league have also validated McAdoo’s breakdown of the quarterback crop in 2018. Just about no one had Jackson as high as McAdoo.

McAdoo’s acumen in evaluating quarterback prospects extends beyond the 2018 draft class. In 2017, his endorsement of Patrick Mahomes, then a standout at Texas Tech, resonated deeply within the New York Giants organization. According to Anita Makrs of ESPN, the Giants were poised to trade up in the draft for Mahomes at the direction of McAdoo, who ‘loved’ Mahomes. But McAdoo was overruled.

In retrospect, McAdoo’s track record in quarterback evaluation provides valuable insight into past draft classes and underscores the pivotal role of talent assessment in shaping the future of NFL franchises. As the league evolves, the enduring impact of McAdoo’s evaluations continues to reverberate, serving as a testament to his expertise in identifying and nurturing quarterback talent at the highest level.