Ex-Jets QB Receives Unexpected Super Bowl Hype From Analysts

Jets fans

Getty The latest NFL hot take probably won't amuse New York Jets fans.

Former New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold has been back in the news cycle ever since signing with the San Francisco 49ers in free agency.

With Brock Purdy recovering from a torn UCL in his throwing arm, many expect Darnold to start for the Niners in Week 1 over disappointing first-round prospect Trey Lance. Some believe he could do a lot more than start, however.

On May 31, NFL Network writer Adam Schein dropped a “bold prediction” that Darnold will lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory over Aaron Rodgers and the Jets in February of 2024. He explained the thought process behind this theory that even he admitted was “attention-grabbing” to some extent.

NFL Writer Believes Sam Darnold Can Bring 49ers to the Promised Land

“The 49ers are the best roster in the NFL, 2-53,” Schein began. “They just need to find that No. 1. Who’s poised to man the game’s most important position for San Francisco?”

In the end, he obviously settled on Darnold, calling it a “golden opportunity” for the former top prospect that failed in New York and Carolina.

“I’ve always loved Darnold’s raw talent,” Schein continued. “But he was dealt a raw hand in New York and Carolina. Just ask Le’Veon Bell about Adam Gase’s development — or lack thereof — of the former No. 3 overall pick.”

He went on: “I always wanted to see what Darnold could do with better support. Now he’s under the watchful eye of offensive genius Kyle Shanahan, flanked by immense talent on both sides of the ball. Offensively, the 49ers boast an assortment of playmakers at running back, receiver and tight end, as well as a stout O-line. Defensively, San Francisco just finished first in points and yards allowed.”

“I think Darnold has a real chance to take this opportunity and run with it,” Schein concluded. “Therefore, there’s a realistic chance I ultimately pick the Niners to win the whole damn thing with my official predictions in September.”

That begs the question for Jets fans — if Gang Green finally got to another Super Bowl in 2023-24, but lost it to a former draft pick, is that worse than losing somewhere along the way?

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky Hops on the Sam Darnold, 49ers Hype Train

ESPN QB analyst Dan Orlovsky joined Schein in hopping on the Darnold hype train on May 8.

“Sam Darnold is absolutely capable of taking this team back to the NFC Championship Game,” Orlovsky said on ESPN’s “Get Up” (via Angelina Martin of NBC Sports Bay Area). “I’m so excited to watch him if he’s the guy in San Francisco with Brock Purdy a little bit banged up. Finally at a place that has the coaching, the offensive talent, the complete team to allow his talent — one of the best talents that we’ve seen come out of college in years.”

Orlovsky wouldn’t predict a Super Bowl win for Darnold and San Fran, but he was willing to say NFC Championship game appearance — the same place Purdy got them last year.

Orlovsky doubled down on Darnold during a recent spot with “The Pat McAfee Show” on June 1, voicing that he believes “Sam is still very talented.”

“I think he’s more talented than Jimmy Garoppolo,” the ESPN analyst stated confidently. “I don’t think that there [are] a lot of places in the NFL that make it easier for quarterbacks to play than San Francisco.”

“Sam Darnold has never been in a place like San Francisco,” Orlovsky reiterated later. “Now again, you can say that about a lot of quarterbacks, but when it comes to athleticism and [the] ability to make any throw at any moment… I think Sam Darnold, honestly, can have a Geno Smith type of [comeback] season.”

If that were to happen, it’d be the second year in a row that a failed NYJ QB prospect takes flight with another franchise.

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