Steelers Urged to Cut Former Pro Bowler To Save Cap Space

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Getty The Pittsburgh Steelers have been urged to cut Allen Robinson during the offseason.

Heading into the 2024 NFL offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers are expected to see some big changes to their franchise.

The team needs a new offensive coordinator and could make other changes to their coaching staff.

Pittsburgh could also use upgrades on their offensive line, at multiple defensive positions, and at quarterback.

If they’re going to make these upgrades, they’re going to need some cap space.

The team has plenty of options for players they can cut to get that cap space and one of them could be a former Pro Bowler.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette’s Ray Fittipaldo believes that wide receiver Allen Robinson should be one of those players that gets cut.

Robinson disappointed in his first season with the Steelers and letting him go could open up a lot of space for those other moves the Steelers need to make.

A Gamble That Didn’t Pay Off for Steelers

When the Steelers traded for Robinson, they knew they were taking a risk.

The price to acquire him wasn’t very high. They just swapped seventh rounders with the Rams.

However, he still carried a pretty hefty contract.

Robinson was heading into just the second year of a 3-year, $46.5 million deal when he was acquired by the Steelers.

That was a pretty big investment in a receiver that hadn’t reached 500 yards since 2020.

It was an investment that didn’t pay off for the Steelers.

Robinson made just 34 catches for 280 yards and didn’t score a touchdown in 2023.

Now he’s set to carry a cap hit of $11.9 million in 2024.

That’s a pretty big commitment for a receiver that wasn’t able to get much done in his first year with the team.

Luckily, his contract is also one that’s easy to cut.

Robinson only carries a dead cap hit of $1.9 million for next season, which means the Steelers would save $10 million in cap space if they release Robinson.

It’s a move that makes a whole lot of sense for a team that would still be set at receiver even without Robinson.

Plenty of Talented Pass Catchers in Pittsburgh

While the Steelers’ defense is what the franchise is best known for, their ability to find talent at receiver has arguably just as impressive at their defense over the past couple of decades.

Since 1998, the team has drafted Hines Ward, Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown, Juju Smith-Schuster, Diontae Johnson, and George Pickens.

That is an absurd number of receivers with 1000-yard seasons to have been drafted by one franchise in 26 years and two of them are still currently on the roster.

Johnson and Pickens would be plenty for most teams to find success in the passing game.

Johnson has been a steady producer throughout his time with the Steelers and Pickens just proved he can be a star in the league with an 1140-yard season.

Those two aren’t all the Steelers have catching passes, though.

They also have Pat Freiermuth, who had 738 yards in 2022.

Calvin Austin III gave the team 180 yards on just 35% of snaps in his first fully healthy season.

Darnell Washington only made 7 catches as a rookie, but the third-round rookie could be another contributor in Pittsburgh next season.

The Steelers have plenty of options at receiver and could even choose to use a late pick to get somebody to play in the slot.

They’d be better off using the $10 million they’d save on Robinson somewhere else on the roster.


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