Brock Purdy Addresses Critics After 3rd-Straight 49ers Defeat

Brock Purdy

Getty Brock Purdy won't let critics write his story.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy turned to his faith when confronted with the latest low in his young NFL career.

“Who I am and what I stand for, that doesn’t change,” Purdy told reporters on Sunday, October 29, after a 31-17 defeat against the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Everyone can say what they want, but I know who I am as a person, and my faith, my relationship with God is the most important, and I’m going to continue to rely on that,” Purdy continued. “It’s gotten me to this point in my life, and I’ll always be with God and stand firm with God. So I know he’ll take care of me regardless.”

Purdy has talked about his faith before, but this came at a time when his electric 10-0 career start has short-circuited with a three-game losing streak. He bore responsibility in the latest loss amid two interceptions and a strip sack fumble that foiled a potential comeback.

“Man, I should have handed it off,” Purdy said about the first interception in the third quarter. “Simple as that. It was an option play with George [Kittle] coming backside to toss it to him.”

“Once I pulled it to go toss it to him, it wasn’t there. So I tried making something up and just scrambling to the right. At that point, I’ve got to know that the linemen are downfield and I just got to try to get what I can get. But to throw the ball itself would be a penalty, and I got to be better,” Purdy added. “So I saw Elijah in the corner of the end zone, tried making something happen there, but regardless, it would have been a penalty, so that’s on me.”

Brock Purdy: ‘It’s Just Finishing Drives’

Purdy acknowledged a plethora of issues as the 49ers head into a bye week. San Francisco faces a tall order in Week 10 against a Jacksonville Jaguars team that has a five-game winning streak.

“It’s just finishing drives,” Purdy said. “We’ll get the ball moving and we’ll start rolling and get first downs and then, you know, there’s just some third downs that we got to convert better at, especially down in the red zone.”

“There’s points to be put up for us and whether that’s a field goal or obviously converting a third down and continuing the drive to score, it’s as simple as we’re just handcuffing ourselves,” Purdy added.

Brock Purdy: ‘We Have a Bad Taste in Our Mouth’

Purdy soared in his first five games this season as the 49ers scored 30 or more points every time out. National recognition poured in, too, for the former Mr. Irrelevant, the final pick in the 2022 NFL draft.

His three-week descent has resulted in five interceptions and only 17 points per game in that span. Purdy had three chances to rally his team, and minus a missed field goal, he has come up short each time.

“Now we have to wait 14 days to play our next game for our next shot or next opportunity and it hurts,” Purdy said. “We have a bad taste in our mouth.”