Ex-Colts Star Rips ‘Humpty Dumpty’ Carson Wentz, Eagles Trade

Carson Wentz

Getty Eagles QB Carson Wentz fumbled twice on Sunday but did not turn the football over.

Count one former Indianapolis Colts player not in favor of the franchise trading for Carson Wentz in the offseason. Pat McAfee, a one-time All-Pro punter, now hosts a popular sports-talk show with his namesake on Sirius XM radio. He hates the rumored idea of bringing in the “broken” Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

McAfee is never one to hold a controversial opinion to himself. He makes a living off it, a good one and usually shares valid insight. His reasoning for not wanting Wentz in a blue horseshoe helmet is two-fold. First, why would anyone want an albatross of a contract that will pay Wentz an average annual salary of $32 million?

Secondly, the 27-year-old looks utterly confused and completely broken. McAfee compared Wentz to two notable fictional characters: Humpty Dumpty and Mr. Potato Head. Both went falling to pieces and couldn’t be repaired. Interesting analogy.

“We don’t need Carson Wentz out here. No. No,” McAfree said, via the Indianapolis Star. “We didn’t need to play … Humpty Dumpty or Mr. Potato Head. We don’t need to be the team that coddles you and just puts you back together, okay. We got a team over here.”

He also shot down the notion that a reunion between Colts head coach Frank Reich — the former offensive coordinator in Philly — and his star pupil made it a no-brainer. There’s no proof that Reich can fix whatever’s eating Wentz right now.

“Why is everybody putting Carson Wentz on the Colts? Because of Frank Reich, I get it. OK. Frank Reich and he had a lot of success together,” said McAfee, via the Indianapolis Star. “Guess who else had great success with Frank Reich? Nick (expletive) Foles.”

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Eagles Coordinator Says Wentz Not ‘Broken’

Back in Philly, Eagles passing-game coordinator Press Taylor wasn’t buying the notion that Wentz is physically and mentally “broken.” Taylor, who also serves as quarterbacks coach, has been one of the strongest voices in Wentz’s ear since he was drafted in 2016. In fact, there have been reports that Taylor is best friends with the benched Eagles quarterback and one of the few people he trusts in the building.

On Friday, Taylor addressed the Philly media and placed the blame for the team’s offensive struggles on everyone. He incredulously denied there was anything drastically wrong with Wentz, let alone something that needed to be “fixed.”

“I wouldn’t say that he needs to be fixed in the sense that he’s a broken quarterback. I wouldn’t say that at all,” Taylor told reporters, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. “Like anybody, you take a lot of ownership of (it). And you really have to spend some time in self-evaluation.”

All-Pro center Jason Kelce put the “failures” of the offense on everyone, from the players to the coaching staff to the front office. Taylor seemed to agree with that assessment, too.

“And that’s on every single one of us and everybody’s got to look inside to see what happened from their aspect of it,” Taylor said. “We have four weeks left, we’re excited to continue to move forward with both these guys and really all of our players, continue to develop them, try to get the best out of them, put them in the best possible situation. That’s our goal as coaches.”


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