Ex-Steelers Player Rips Carson Wentz, Eagles Teammate Comments

Darius Slay, DK Metcalf

Getty DK Metcalf went off for 177 yards against Darius Slay and the Eagles on Monday Night Football.

There has been no shortage of opinions when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback situation. It’s two parts complicated, equal parts messy, as trade rumors continue to swirl around Carson Wentz.

Eagles players have been relatively quiet on the subject — save a call for an open competition from Jalen Mills — although Darius Slay dipped his toes into the raging quarterback debate pool. The three-time Pro Bowl cornerback was trying to draw attention to the disparity between the way black quarterbacks are treated versus white ones. His comment was greatly misinterpreted.

Slay, who intercepted Wentz back in 2016, was agreeing with a tweet posted by NFL analyst Ryan Clark who expressed cynicism over Wentz’s “request” for a trade. (Editor’s note: the Eagles quarterback never officially asked for a trade). Remember, Clark was a long-time NFL defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He called out former Packers quarterback Brett Favre and former Eagles coach Dick Vermeil for not “ripping” Wentz’s character in the same manner they did to Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

“I think they change his diapers, OK? Nowhere in his contract does it say that he’s involved in making the decisions of who coaches or who leads the organization,” Vermeil told TMZ of Watson. “He’s a great NFL football player and always has been a great kid, but I think he just shuts his mouth and becomes a better football player and lead the football team and let the leaders of the organization lead him.”

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Slay Posts Hilarious NSFW Video

Slay also made headlines for posting a brutally honest video of himself talking about going up against DK Metcalf in Week 12. The Seattle Seahawks stud receiver burned him for 177 yards on 10 receptions. He went into great detail about the matchup and what was said on the field.

Metcalf was upset about Brandon Graham’s trash talking, according to Slay, and decided to take it out on the Eagles cornerback.

“BG made him have to tear me a new a**hole,” Slay said of Metcalf. “He said: ‘Your boy 55 going to get your a** whooped out here.’ I said, ‘What the hell?’ If anybody knows me being from where I’m from, I didn’t appreciate that kind of talk, so I said ‘No, bro, I ain’t be on that … I be chilling.’ He made all the tough catches he needed to make, man. Every 50/50 ball, he did his thing, salute to him.”

Eagles Rookie Promises Super Bowl Ring

K’Von Wallace is one of the best Eagles to follow on social media. He has talked about his strategy and commitment to interacting with fans in-depth. Two days before the Super Bowl, the Eagles rookie safety was feeling extra motivated as he promised to win a Super Bowl ring in Philadelphia.

Wallace has never been one to hold back his opinion and remains one of the hungriest guys in the locker room. He counts Eagles legend Brian Dawkins as a mentor.

“I’m a guy that’s hungry. I’m a guy that is a competitor, and I’m going to compete,” Wallace said on draft day. “I’m going to fight you until I get what I want. That’s just the type of guy that I am. I’m a competitor. Everything that I have been through as far as football, I always was successful because of the way I compete.”


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