Russell Wilson Gives Himself New Hilarious Nickname Which Goes Viral

Russell Wilson Seahawks

Getty Russell Wilson weighed in on the "Let Russ Cook" debate.

A video resurfaced of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson giving himself the “Mr. Unlimited” nickname and the internet cannot get enough. Wilson posted the video in 2018, but it is once again going viral after some fans are seeing it for the first time.

“Everybody has to have an alter-ego, and I’ve been thinking about what my alter-ego would be,” Wilson noted in the video. “I think I have an alter-ego. His name, his name is Mr., Mr., Mr. Unliiiiiimited. Now, you got to be unlimited. You got to have a thought process of being unlimited. So, when people ask you, what you’re thinking about or what you want to do in life or where you want to go, you got to be unlimited.”

Here’s a look at the 2018 video that recently went viral.

Wilson Released Part 2 of the ‘Mr. Unlimited’ Video

Word has gotten back to Wilson that his “Mr. Unlimited” video is once again making the rounds. The Seahawks quarterback has no problem having fun at his own expense, and released a follow-up video that looks like a movie trailer.

“So I hear some of y’all haven’t met him yet…” 😂🤣🏈 #MrUnlimited,” Wilson joked on Instagram.

ESPN’s Mina Kimes, a longtime Seahawks fan, offered a funny response to Wilson’s video, which is admittedly a bit of an awkward watch.

“Some personal news: I have seen the Mr Unlimited video,” Kimes tweeted. “Please respect my privacy during this difficult time.”

Pete Carroll Described the Seahawks QB as ‘the Best He’s Ever Been’

New nicknames aside, the big question facing Wilson heading into the 2020 season is how the Seahawks will structure the offense. Over the offseason, Wilson has been open about his desire to be more aggressive on offense. Pete Carroll spoke with ESPN 710 Seattle’s John Clayton about the ongoing debate about the Seahawks offense.

“Russell has been in a great leadership position throughout the offseason,” Carroll noted. “He has been such a central part of it with all the communication. We have been running two-minute drills and sequencing all of our play-calling and different situations on the field and Russ has been right in the middle of it. Russell is at the best of his game that he’s ever been. His command, his control, his understanding of everything that we can put forth for him, allows him to be, I think, at the best he’s ever been. In that, we want him to have more opportunity to be the factor in the game and control the game. But John, in just football in general that doesn’t mean that you throw the football all the time to do that. We need to be a really good functioning team that is hard to beat because we are so good at the things that we do. That means that you have to have balance in your game.”

The Seahawks spent the offseason revamping the offensive line to help better protect Wilson. There are not a lot of new offensive weapons for the Seahawks aside from Phillip Dorsett and Carlos Hyde, but the team brings plenty of talent back.

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