Jadeveon Clowney Has Demand for Seahawks & NFL Teams: Report

Jadeveon Clowney Rumors

Getty Jadeveon Clowney could sit out the 2020 season.

Jadeveon Clowney has officially missed training camp putting his status for the Seattle Seahawks or any other NFL team in doubt for the upcoming season. When asked if Clowney could “pull a Le’Veon Bell,” ESPN 710 Seattle’s John Clayton reported that the pass rusher continues to maintain a $15 million minimum salary to play this season. Bell sat out an entire season while with the Steelers, and the questions around Clowney’s status for 2020 continue to get louder.

“As of today, he’s taking the same position, ‘It’s either $15 million or I’m not playing,’” Clayton noted on ESPN 710 Seattle. “And unless he changes that then he’s not playing because no one is going to pay him $15 million, particularly now that you saw [Browns defensive end] Olivier Vernon took a (paycut to $11 million) and you saw that (Ngakoue is making $12 million). I think right now it’s up to him.”

Clayton added that Seahawks would likely be willing to pay Clowney as much as $12 million this season, but his salary with the Titans would be even lower. So far, Clowney has been unwilling to come down on his asking price for either team. Clowney’s leverage took a hit after Yannick Ngakoue accepted less money as part of his trade to the Vikings.

“If he goes down to $12 or $11 million, he could be here (in Seattle),” Clayton added. “I could see that happening. …At $11 million, he’s not going to go with Tennessee. They’re probably going to have to take him into the $9 million or $10 million range.”

The Seahawks & Titans Continue to be the Favorites to Sign Clowney

If Clowney plays this season, the Seahawks and Titans remain the favorites to sign the pass rusher. All indications are Clowney would have to come down on his price to sign with either franchise. Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson described the Clowney sweepstakes as a three-team race involving the Seahawks, Titans and Raiders. Robinson added that the Titans and Seahawks are the teams with the most realistic shot of signing Clowney.

“I just don’t see the [$17 million-$18 million] he wants happening,” said one general manager told Yahoo Sports. “We’re not in on him anywhere near that. I know what his market is. It’s basically two teams [Seattle and Tennessee] and neither of them is coming to his number. [Cleveland] was as good as it was going to get. I don’t think that changes in a week, so he has a decision to make about whether he wants to play.”

Clowney Has Been Mostly Quiet Throughout Free Agency

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding Clowney, but the pass rusher has been mostly quiet throughout the offseason. Clowney recently posted a workout video on Instagram, but his only on-camera interview was back in May with Fox 26’s Mark Berman.

“I want to let people know I’m ready…and whoever I sign with is gonna get the best version of me,” Clowney explained.

At the time, Clowney spoke highly of the Seahawks but is clearly wanting the team to come closer to his financial goals.

“I love Seattle when I was there this past year,” Clowney noted. “I loved everybody on the coaching staff, I wouldn’t trade them guys in. I hope we can work something out, if anything happen, I did like it up there. I love Russ. I love all the guys I played with. J. Reed [Jarran Reed], B Jack [Branden Jackson], all the boys in my D [defensive line] room. I respect them guys.”

With the Browns no longer in the picture, Clowney appears to face a choice of going back to the Seahawks for less than his asking price or sit out the entire season. Clowney is running out of time if he wants to play in 2020, even if it is on a one-year deal.

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