Tom Brady Ribs Father Over Buccaneers-Patriots Statement

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady gives his father a hard time regarding strong comments about the New England Patriots.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady may tune out the media this week over his return to New England, but that’s not the case if his father tells the media something.

Tom Brady Sr. told NBC Sports Boston last week about how he and the younger Brady felt vindicated over a big season in Tampa last year after parting ways with the Patriots.

“Damn right,” Brady Sr. told NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran. “Damn right. (Bill) Belichick wanted him out the door and last year he threw 56 touchdowns. I think that’s a pretty good year.”

On the flip side, Belichick’s Patriots struggled in 2020, continuing a disconcerting pattern of losing without Brady in Belichick’s career per independent NFL reporter Dov Kleiman. Belichick’s teams have made the playoffs one in eight seasons of coaching before and after Brady, Kleiman noted.

The younger Brady, who only spoke highly of his relationship with Belichick in his podcast Let’s Go! on Monday, humorously “prepared a statement” regarding his father’s comments.

“I’ve actually prepared a statement that I wanted to say, and it’s really all that I have to say on the subject,” Brady said on his podcast via ESPN’s Jenna Laine. “Comments made by Thomas Edward Brady, a 77-year-old insurance company CEO who should know better at this point in his life, doesn’t necessarily reflect the views or positions held by his son, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., so furthermore should Tom Sr. continue to speak out on behalf of his son without the express written consent, Tom Jr. reserves the right to eventually put him in a home against his will. That’s all I have to say.”

Brady then quickly clarified his love and honor for his father.

“I do want to say one thing about my dad. He’s the greatest dad in the world. He’s the most loving, caring, and honest man in the world,” Brady said on Let’s Go!. “And without him, there’s no way I would be in the position I’m in. He’s there to support me, win or lose.”

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Brady’s Dad: ‘It Was Time’ For Tampa

Brady Sr. also spoke well of his son’s time in New England in his interview with NBC Sports Boston. He slipped in how good the move to the Bucs was, too.

“Tommy is extraordinarily appreciative of everything that happened during his New England career, and he’s more than happy that he’s moved on because it was pretty obvious that the Patriot regime felt that it was time for him to move on,” Brady Sr. told Curran.

“And frankly, it may well have been perfect for (Bill) Belichick to move on from him,” Brady Sr. added. “On the other hand, I think the Tampa Bay Bucs are pretty happy that the decision was made in Foxboro that they didn’t want to afford him or didn’t want to keep him when his last contract came up.”

It was also time for the Bradys to part ways with Patriots gear in exchange for Bucs gear.

“I think I might have a license plate that says something like ‘six Super Bowls,’ but other than that I think pretty much the rest of it has been given to Goodwill or Catholic Charities or something,” Brady Sr. told Curran.

Brady Just Wants Another Win

Brady made it clear after losing to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday that he’s focused on winning a Week 4 regular season game in New England.

“It’s a tough loss for us, so I’ll just get to the plane and evaluate kind of what we need to do to put ourselves in a better position to win, from a quarterback standpoint,” Brady told the media. “So, I want to win every time I take the field.”

He reiterated the point on Let’s Go! the next day.

“I’m not going to be thinking about 20 years of history,” Brady said on his podcast via Laine. “I’m going to be thinking about one night of football, a Sunday night game coming off a really tough loss.”