The 10 Best Nicknames In MMA

Bruce Leeroy
6. Alex “Bruce LeeRoy” Caceres

Caceres, a cast member of The Ultimate Fighter season 12 has already became somewhat of a household name and TUF 12 has only just begun airing on Spike TV.

With a 4-2 record, “Bruce LeeRoy” still has a ways to go before reaching the upper echelon of the lightweight division but his nickname alone puts him in legendary status.

UFC legend
5. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic

The name “Cro Cop” is short for Croatian Cop stemming back to Filipovic’s background as a police officer in Croatia. On that note, am I the only one who would love to see Filipovic star in a sequel to the 1990 film “Kindergarten Cop”?

Just imagine “Cro Cop”, as an undercover policeman teaching a kindergarten class. I fear for the safety of the young kindergartener who dares to cause turmoil in “Cro Cop’s” classroom. A crayon gets thrown across the room and Filipovic will throw his patented left head kick… of course he would miss his target considering the average height for a kindergartener is like, what, like 3 feet? Just a little bit taller than the average dwarf.

UFC light heavyweight star
4. Ryan “Darth” Bader

As far as nicknames are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than this. Ryan Bader is the light heavyweight division’s resident sith lord which means he gets all kinds of action. In his prime, Darth Vader impregnated more women from galaxies far, far, away than Hugh Hefner has done over the course of his lifetime.

Bader certainly displays the powers of the dark side inside the Octagon as he has kept his unbeaten record intact though four UFC bouts. Now, if Bader switched his nickname to “The Master” he would have taken the number one spot on this list without question.

3. Yoshihiro “Sexyama” Akiyama

“Sexyama” is essentially a super hero over in Japan. If you turn on FOX News one day and see a report on an overly tan Japanese man launching kamehameha waves at Godzilla in Tokyo, it’s probably Akiyama.

At UFC 120, “Sexyama” will battle Michael Bisping in the main event free on Spike TV. Coming off a submission loss to Chris Leben, Akiyama will really need to take things to the next level if he plans on remaining a top contender.

2. Chan Sung “The Korean Zombie” Jung

Ever since losing a close split decision to Leonard Garcia in an absolute war at WEC 48, Chan Sung Jung has solidified himself as one of the most exciting fighters in the entire world. With his action packed fighting style comes one of the best nicknames in the history of nicknames, “The Korean Zombie”.

It’s a brilliant name and one that sums Jung up to a tee. This Korean featherweight truly fights as if he were a zombie, no matter what you throw at him he just keeps moving forward. You could literally whack “The Korean Zombie” in the head with a banjo and he wouldn’t even feel it.

The Axe Murderer
1. Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva

There has never been a nickname in MMA as horrifically terrifying as “The Axe Murderer”. In his prime, Wanderlei Silva instilled fear into the hearts of every opponent he ever stepped into the ring with.

Little known fact, before every Wanderlei Silva fight in PRIDE they used to take a five minute pause to mop up the urine of Silva’s opponents off the mat. Then they would put the urine in a can and Lyoto Machida would gulp it up for “medical benefits” but that’s a tale for a different time.

The point is, Silva was once an unstoppable killing machine in the light heavyweight division. His best days may be behind him, but you cannot deny “The Axe Murderer” as the most epic nickname in MMA today.

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