Pound for Pound Rankings: February 2011


Jake Shields

4. Jake Shields

Jeremy Botter: I’m not quite ready to go on the record with my pick, but I will say this: Shields will present a much tougher challenge for St. Pierre than most are giving him credit for.

Jeff Cain: Jake Shields simply doesn’t get enough recognition or what’s he’s accomplished.  He’s on a 15-fight win streak, a longer run than Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre.  He has wins over ranked middleweights.

Matt Brown: All the guys does is win.  People can talk about how boring he is and how one dimensional he is all they want.  Fact of the matter is, nobody has been able to stop the force that is Jake Shields since December of 2004.

5. Jon Fitch

Jeremy Botter: A welterweight dream fight with B.J. Penn in just a few weeks could determine not only Fitch’s fate in the welterweight division, but in the UFC as well.

Jeff Cain: Jon Fitch has one loss since 2003.  Simply put, he beats everyone at welterweight put in front of him except Georges St. Pierre.

Matt Brown: If it weren’t for Georges St. Pierre, Jon Fitch would be getting all the welterweight love right now.  He’s beaten everyone whose initials aren’t GSP and if he beats BJ Penn at the end of this month, he will probably gain the title of the best non-champion fighter in MMA.

6. Frankie Edgar

Jeremy Botter: Edgar’s guts and determination in surviving against Gray Maynard were something to behold. He’ll get a chance to redeem himself in May during the rubber match.

Jeff Cain: Edgar is a featherweight who holds the world lightweight title.  That says it all.

Matt Brown: Everyone continues to doubt Frankie Edgar and Frankie Edgar keeps giving them the finger.  His “defy the odds” attitude is quite endearing.  His toughness is that of a man twice his size.  Until he’s derailed, he deserves this spot, no questions asked.