Dennis Hallman’s Shorts: A Twitter Retrospective


MMA community shares their thoughts in 140-characters or less

The Twitter-verse erupted Saturday night when Dennis Hallman unveiled his blueish-purple micro-briefs to the world in his UFC 133 pay-per-view meeting with Brian Ebersole.

A wide spectrum of reactions flooded people’s timelines, some offering their support and praise for Hallman’s choice of attire, others not so much. Some were just left in stunned silence, which on Twitter translates to a three little letters followed by a series of question marks: WTF?

Hallman’s skivvies are now etched in the UFC history books though, as Ebersole was awarded the first-ever “Thanks-for-getting-those-horrific-shorts-off-TV-as-soon-as-possible” bonus. Here’s a collection of what the Twitter-verse had to say about Hallman’s banana hammock on Saturday night.


I am so proud of @DennisHallman, he embodies absolute awesomeness!!! @ufc #UFC133 #absoluteawesomeness
@TimCredeur Crazy Tim Credeur

THE BAR HAS BEEN SET BY @DENNISHALLMAN. European cut. America cringed in unison. #UFC
@mayhemmiller Jason Mayhem Miller

Wauw! Dennis Hallman tights puts Gustafsons to shame! LOL! #UFC133
@MartinKampmann Martin Kampmann

haha! make it rain! “@Jayhieron: Hallman is getting a bonus on the way out there gonna be throwing dollars$$$ at him!”
@MartinKampmann Martin Kampmann

wow! Point goes to hallman on the prefight speedo versus the hairy arrow lol #ufc133
@BrendanSchaub Brendan Schaub

#ufc133 Hallman has the total package
@JoeLauzon Joe Lauzon

Im stealing that! RT @BrenConlanMMA: @JoeLauzon He’s a little cocky for my taste.
@JoeLauzon Joe Lauzon

Yes yes and yes @dennishallman love those shorts. @ufc #ufc133
@FollowTheMenace Michael Johnson

Was I the only one who liked Dennis Hallman’s board shorts that he competed in last night? Don’t know what the problem is guys.
@kennyflorian Kenny Florian

Hahaha Dennis hallman!!!!!
@Paul_Sass Paul Sass

Ebersole con su acostumbrado rasurado de pecho. Y el premio a los “shorts” de la noche son para Hallman #UFC133
@UFCLatino UFCLatino

Brian ebersole and Dennis hallman have the gimmic award of the year. @ufc
@javiershowtime javier vazquez

Hell yea @dennishallman nice shorts bro! Represent!
@ConorHeun Conor Heun

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