Conor McGregor Rants: ‘People Are Straight Numb Nuts’ [LOOK]

UFC Star Conor McGregor


Irish superstar Conor McGregor went on a fiery Twitter rant on Monday evening, tweeting about his second fight with Nate Diaz and his match with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The series of tweets started when a fan tagged McGregor in a thread about “Notorious'” second bout with Diaz at UFC 202 in August 2016. McGregor won the fight by majority decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-47), however, the fan claims that the Irishman should have won the fight by a wider margin and that UFC president Dana White should keep judges accountable.

McGregor answered, “Thank you sir, on the money! People are straight numb nuts in this business. Don’t know their arse from their elbow. Should be numb nuts instead of corn nuts.”

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McGregor Claims He Was Winning the Fight With Nurmagomedov

Notorious then shifted his attention to his lightweight title fight with Nurmagomedov. The two bitter enemies met inside the Octagon in October 2018 and Nurmagomedov won the match via fourth-round submission.

A fan claimed that McGregor wasn’t dominated by Nurmagomedov as much as some people say. Notorious replied, “On the mula! Round 1’s mine. Out struck 3-1. Elbow, knees, clatters! He held on. 2s his but I land multiple knees. One from standing after the overhand, and one from bottom into the eye socket at kimura attempt. Not a scratch end of [the] round also. I won round 3, and 4 until the trip.”

Notorious then responded to a fan who said that Nurmagomedov “mauled him” on the ground and almost caught the Irishman in a kimura.

McGregor replied, “I won round 1. Out struck him 3 to 1 here. Elbows, knees, clatters. He held on [the] entire round. Round 2 he won. This round had the kimura attempt you speak of. I kneed him full force into his eye socket here and broke the grip fully. A lovely shot! I won 3 also and 4 up until the trip.”

A fan then told the Irishman to “stop ducking Khabib,” and McGregor responded, “Hahaha lol.”

Notorious Explains Why He Thinks He Won Round 1 Against Nurmagomedov

Another fan then questioned Notorious on why he thinks he won round one against the lightweight champ. Notorious answered, “Damage! Back hands forced him to the fence. Knee into neck as he shot, after 15 seconds of [the] opening bell. Heavy elbow right into his temple as he froze after his shot. Repeated clatters to the temple while he tries his mermaid wrap leg. Rd was 1 pitiful from him. Rd 2 saved him.”

He continued, “Oh no! It’s a mermaid leg wrap! Face with tears of joy #FannyPad.”

The Irishman finished his rant replying to a picture of him sitting against the fence after tapping out to Nurmagomedov and before getting physical with Nurmagomedov’s family during the famous brawl. He wrote, “Ye, not a scratch. Relaxing before I bounced up and bet his brother and his cousin round.”

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