Dana White Threatened: ‘I Will Let Everything Out’

UFC President Dana White

Getty Dana White was silenced by a threat according to an insider.

A former UFC star claims to have information that would damage the reputation of UFC president Dana White, and that same star threatened the UFC boss with letting that cat out of the bag when the two clashed in the past. According to former UFC referee “Big” John McCarthy, former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub might actually have the goods on White, because the UFC’s top official stood down after getting hit with that threat.

McCarthy revealed the story on the “Weighing In” podcast (transcribed by Bloody Elbow). According to McCarthy, Schaub threatened White with the release of that information after White went on social media to bash Schaub in 2018 for comments he made about UFC stars.

“But the response by Brendan was great. … ‘And if you want to keep talking, I will let everything out,'” McCarthy said.

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McCarthy Claims to Know Information

McCarthy claims to know what information Schaub was threatening to release about White, but he refused to reveal it.

“I knew exactly what he was talking about, I’m not gonna say what it was,” McCarthy said.

It must be something big, though, at least in McCarthy’s mind, because he says that’s why White didn’t offer any more critiques of Schaub after that.

“But you noticed that Dana right away had no more comments for Brendan Schaub at that time. Because there was something really there,” McCarthy said.

It’s also possible that McCarthy is misinformed about the information and White didn’t even see or care about the so-called threat from Schaub.

McCarthy currently works as a commentator for Bellator MMA.

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Schaub Retired From MMA in 2015, 3 Years Before His Exchange With White

Schaub, 38, retired from MMA in 2015. He hosts a popular podcast on Showtime called “Below the Belt with Brendan Schaub” and enjoys numerous other duties on the entertainment and analysis side of the sport.

The threat might have silenced White, but the beef between White and Schaub was legit a few years ago. In 2018, White labeled Schaub a “tool” and an “idiot” after Schaub expressed his thoughts and opinions about some UFC stars on social media.

White posted on Instagram, per MMA Mania: “Such a f***** tool!!!! What the f*** does this idiot know about the sport or the business??? @stylebender for u to be listening to one word from this MORON is a waste of ur time. Guy went 6-5 in the UFC!!! The only thing he could teach u is how to get KO’d. Tune idiots like this OUT.”

Schaub eventually countered with his “last warning.” He posted on Instagram per MMA Mania:

This is hilarious. Yes, Joe Rogan one of my best friends has played a significant role in my post fight career, no doubt, you’re right about that DW. two tv shows, sold out world wide comedy tour, two successful podcast, and just booked my first major movie. Super grateful. HOWEVER, if it weren’t for the Fertitta’s loaning your ass millions of dollars to invest in an idea that wasn’t yours from the start you wouldn’t be shit. How’s it feel to know once the real businessmen/Brains left, the UFC has been a shell of its sell with you at the forefront. You’ve tried the CM Punk experiment, begging Brock to come back, and praying at night for a Conor text. Tough job to do with out Lorenzo holding your hand, making sure you don’t mess it all up. Can’t feel good. You’d be a cardio kick boxing coach in Boston in your late 40’s, hoping to grab a ticket to my stand up front row if Lorenzo Fertitta didn’t save your ass. … Last warning.”

Only those two guys would seem to know why they were so ready to slam each other as well as what specific information Schaub threatened to release about White.

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