Dana White Dares Jon Jones: ‘We Can Make That Fight’

UFC's Jon Jones and Dana White


UFC president Dana White made a stunning suggestion to UFC superstar Jon Jones after seeing Francis Ngannou defeat Stipe Miocic by second-round knockout at UFC 260. White said he believes Jones should move down to 185 pounds instead of moving up to the heavyweight ranks.

“If I’m Jon Jones and I’m at home watching this fight, I’m moving down to 185,” White told the media during the post-fight press conference.

He didn’t say it, but the UFC boss seemed to be reacting to the news that Jones wants more money than what his UFC contract states to face Ngannou, the newest and arguably scariest UFC heavyweight champion in history.

That shouldn’t really be new information to White, since Jones has been saying the same thing since he almost retired year, but White doesn’t seem interested in even having that conversation.

Jones must have seen White’s quip. He posted, “Go to 185? I didn’t gain all this weight for no reason.”

White was told by the media about the UFC superstar’s response on social media to the suggestion Jones should move down to 185, and the UFC president doubled down on his suddenly quite radical rhetoric.

“That sounds serious, Jon. Then call Hunter [Campbell] right now. We can make that fight right now,” White said.

Campbell is one of the UFC’s matchmakers, so White was essentially saying that Jones tweeting about the fight vs. Ngannou instead of actually calling the UFC to make it happen was just for show.

Jones wasn’t happy hearing that.

Later, he went on an epic tirade on social media. The most important part of all that was him saying, “If anyone is wondering if I really want to fight, the answer is yes. I also really want to get paid.”

But none of it seems good for fans hoping to see Jones vs. Ngannou in 2021.

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Analyzing Latest Feud Between UFC Boss and Jones

What does all this crazy mess mean?

It means White probably doesn’t want to pay Jones what he’s asking for accepting the proposed megafight and that Ngannou’s first title defense will likely be against someone else.

White’s reaction to the social media post that Jones made immediately after seeing Ngannou wreck Miocic at UFC 260, the one where Jones said “show me the money”, and the star’s subsequent reaction to White’s comments about the former 205-pound champ moving down in weight, are quite telling.

Even more troubling though was how heavy-handed White was about having a back-up plan for Ngannou’s next fight. Or maybe it’s just the plan. Heck, the way he worded it, White doesn’t even want to make Ngannou vs. Jones happen.

“Derrick Lewis is the fight to make,” White said.

Nevermind that most people would expect the Jones vs. Ngannou superfight to be one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history.

White told the media he would rather pit Ngannou vs. Lewis.

At least, that’s what he was telling the media after UFC 260.

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Lewis Rematch Isn’t White’s Only Idea for New Champ

Ngannou vs. Lewis would be a rematch.

The two hardest-hitting fighters in the UFC already fought in 2018, and Lewis won that fight by decision. While fans were hyped about that showdown going into the first encounter, it turned out to be one of the most sluggish heavyweight fights in history as both fighters looked for the counterpunch knockout for all 15 minutes.

To be fair, both Ngannou and Lewis have looked tons better since that outing three years ago.

Most would expect a different version of the same fight today in the same way that most expected Ngannou’s rematch vs. Miocic to look different, too.

Still, even if Ngannou vs. Lewis 2 fell through somehow, White apparently won’t be using that as the cue to begin backing up a dump truck full of cash to the “Bones” Jones house in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Nope. Because White also used his time with the press after the coronation of Ngannou on Saturday in Las Vegas to lobby for the rest of the heavyweights in the division.

“We finally have some good heavyweights in this division now. There are some interesting fights for him,” White said.

None of that is good, at least for people hoping for the UFC’s planned superfight to be on the way.

The world might want to see Ngannou face Jones in his first heavyweight title defense, but it looks like the UFC isn’t going to do whatever it takes to make that fight happen.

At least, that’s how things appear right now in the aftermath of UFC 260.

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