Floyd Mayweather Talks Comeback, UFC and Conor McGregor

Boxing Star Floyd Mayweather


Retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he “absolutely” still had plans to compete in another megafight boxing exhibition bout, that he still wants to work with UFC president Dana White on a big event, and what his thoughts were about UFC superstar Conor McGregor planning to face Manny Pacquiao in a boxing match next year.

Mayweather, 43, retired 50-0 from boxing after his last fight in August 2017 though he’s fought one exhibition bout in Japan since that time and hopes for at least one more similar contest.

Yes, Mayweather ‘Absolutely’ Plans to Fight Again

“Absolutely,” Mayweather told USA Today about his plans to box again someday soon, though Mayweather has consistently stated over the last year or so that he’s not heading back to professional boxing in a full-time manner.

That approach seemingly hasn’t changed, so don’t expect to see Mayweather take on any of today’s boxing champs anytime soon.

That includes longtime rival and current welterweight champion Pacquiao.

Still, Mayweather does plan to box again in an exhibition bout, which is news that should excite the superstar’s many fans.

Mayweather vs. UFC Star?

Mayweather suggested he still thinks he could be on his way to working with UFC president Dana White someday soon.

The two announced last year a mashup could be on its way soon, but that was before the global pandemic brought the sports world to a screeching halt in 2020.

Still, Mayweather said he was still talking to White about making something happen on that front, so it’s possible Mayweather could be facing a UFC fighter in a boxing match in 2021.

“Me and Dana talk,” Mayweather said. “I wouldn’t say always, but we’ll text and talk on the phone every once in a while.”

Mayweather went on to tout the promotional powers White wields at the helm of the UFC and said he still plans on doing business with the company.

“Dana’s a cool guy, he’s a great guy,” Mayweather said. “And he’s doing a helluva job with the UFC and I’m proud of him. And we look forward to working with each other in the future. Are we going to work? Absolutely.”

Mayweather’s Prediction for Pacquiao vs. McGregor

Finally, Mayweather made his thoughts known about two of his biggest rivals seemingly being on their way to a boxing battle against each other.

Mayweather defeated Pacquiao in 2015 in the best-selling boxing pay-per-view event in history and did the same to McGregor two years later in boxing’s second-biggest fight ever.

But when McGregor and Pacquiao recently announced their plan to box each other, Mayweather was curiously silent about the matter.

Not anymore. Mayweather told USA Today exactly what he thinks about the proposed Pacquiao vs. McGregor bout.

And what was “Money” Mayweather’s prediction about the superfight?

“He’s not going to get the money he got with me if he go with Pacquiao,” Mayweather said about McGregor. “It’s not going to be as big. You know, it gets no bigger than Floyd Mayweather.”

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